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Short Animal stories for kids | The blue jackal story with pictures

Updated on February 19, 2015

Short animal stories for kids

Short animal stories for kids like the story of the blue jackal have always been very popular among young children. Many children are quite fascinated by animals they see around them and in natural parks, zoos, television programs etc. They are quite curious about animals and often love to hear stories about them.

Animal stories for kids have been around for ages and many such stories are found in popular ancient fables like the Panchatantra tales, The Jataka tales and Aesop's fables etc. The blue jackal story is found in the Panchatantra. And in most of these stories the animals characters are able to talk and think like human beings. A range of human characteristics like kindness, cruelty, cunningness, greed, wisdom etc are often attributed to various animal characters and the story lines and dialogues make for interesting reading.

Short animal stories for kids are welcomed by most kids and they usually enjoy them. Read below one such animal story for kids with pictures - the story of the blue jackal - retold.

Jacky Jackal soon to be the blue jackal - Animal stories for kids
Jacky Jackal soon to be the blue jackal - Animal stories for kids

The story of the blue jackal - an animal story for kids with pictures

Jacky Jackal was a very cunning jackal. He loved good food but hated hard work. Jacky lived in Jogo jungle along with a whole lot of other animals. Jacky's main occupation was to see how he could get food from other animals without even lifting his little finger.

One day Jacky was feeling rather hungry. He had already begged for some food from Elly Elephant, threatened Harris Hare to part with his meal and tried to sneak away Wacky Wolf's dinner - but with no success. For the jungle animals were beginning to get wise to Jacky!

Jacky Jackal dreams of easy food in the village
Jacky Jackal dreams of easy food in the village
The dogs chase Jacky Jackal - soon  to be the blue jackal
The dogs chase Jacky Jackal - soon to be the blue jackal

Jacky Jackal runs for his life

Jacky then thought of going to the nearby village. Perhaps he could sneak some food from someone who had left open their gate! But as Jacky made his way into the village, the village dogs began barking. They started chasing Jacky. Jacky had not quite expected this and finding a dozen dogs barking and coming at him took to his heels in fright. He dashed down the village roads with houses on both sides. Dinner smells from the houses, but added to his misery. He could smell lovely soup from one house and could spy on delicious porridge at another. But of course he could not tarry - the dogs were after him.

The jackal turns blue!
The jackal turns blue!

The jackal becomes blue

As he ran Jacky came across the house of a cloth dyer. He had placed a tub of blue dye outside his house. The running Jacky dashed into the tub and all the dye spilt over, most of it on Jacky. Jacky Jackal became quite blue in color - a blue jackal. And in all the commotion the dogs ran past him. Jacky was saved from the dogs. But he was quite frightened and decided to go back to the jungle.

The blue jackal in the jungle

An embarrassed Jack tried to slowly slink back into the jungle, worried that the other animals would laugh at him. But just as he entered, whom did he meet, but Harris Hare! The same Harris who had laughed away Jacky's threats. But as soon as he came face to face with Harris, Harris squealed in fright and just bolted. Jacky was quite surprised but before he could figure it out, up came Elly Elephant. Now Elly was so huge, you wouldn't think he would be scared of anything! But the sight of the blue jackal (a never before seen one) was too much for even him. He fled. Not bolting like Harris of course, but in a dignified trot keeping in mind his stature.

The blue jackal holds court - animal stories for kids
The blue jackal holds court - animal stories for kids

The blue jackal proclaims himself saviour

By now Jacky had it figured out. The animals had never before seen such a creature, a blue jackal. The cunning Jacky immediately pondered on how he could use this to his advantage. He jumped onto a huge rock, and disguising his voice called out in sweet but loud tones - "Friends of the jungle, be not afraid of me. Come here and listen to what I have to say."

By now the news of this strange creature had spread all over the jungle. Hearing Jacky, the animals gathered courage and as a body came to where Jacky was.

"I am your saviour," said Jacky. "I have come to save you all."

"You have come to serve us?" questioned Terro Tiger who was a little hard of hearing.

"No, you silly fellow," cried Jacky. "I have come to save you, you have to serve me!"

And soon Jacky convinced the poor animals that he was their saviour sent down from heaven!

The blue jackal makes to most of it

Jacky gave instructions left and right. Soon a lovely shelter was built for him by the animals. It was decided that as saviour it would be beneath Jacky's dignity to actually look around for food himself, and so everyday the animals brought good food for him. Of course there was absolutely no work whatsoever for Jacky to do, as the animals had no idea what a saviour was supposed to do. Jacky enjoyed this life - no work and free good food. He really felt it to be heaven!

The blue jackal exposed - animal stories for kids
The blue jackal exposed - animal stories for kids

The blue jackal exposed!

But it was too good to last! One day a few other jackals came to the jungle. They lifted their heads and howled. Jacky couldn't restrain himself - a lifetime of instinct - he too lifted his head and howled. And the game was over! As soon as the other animals heard the blue jackal howl they understood it to be what it really was - just a cunning little jackal. They chased away Jacky from the jungle - and found that they did not need a saviour after all!

Animal stories for kids - videos

Animal stories for kids like the one above are quite popular. Animated versions of these stories as videos are also enjoyed by children.

Find here several videos of some other animal stories for kids

The lion and the mouse - another animal story for kids - video


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