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The Benefits of Watching Cartoons!

Updated on April 6, 2009

Have you ever been sick on a Saturday morning as a child, and remember how the cartoons made you laugh? They made you feel better, even just for a moment, or at least got your mind off of whatever was ailing you at the time. Cartoons can really make you feel better, it's true! I am a firm believer that cartoons can soothe a sick child, make you glad when you are mad, and make you laugh when you are sad! I am proof, even today as an adult, when I am sick,or sad, even lonely, (my kids and I watched a TON of cartoons when my Husband was in Iraq for a year) there is nothing more better than watching a cartoon. "Laughter," they say; "Is The Best Medicine". It is a fact, that when people laugh our brains produce and release endorphins that cause us to feel better, both physically, and mentally! How awesome is that? Another good thing about cartoon is there is always a hero in them, and I ask, who doesn't love a hero, right? There's always a good moral to the story that even a child, 3 or 4 years old can understand! Cartoons can be especially good for children in the fact that Good always conquers evil, (HOORAY) and that there is always a lesson to be learned, and that happy endings CAN exist even today. How fabulous is that? I mean really? One more added bonus to cartoons are the wonderful songs! I do believe Walt Disney has the most beautiful songs, and instrumentals that touch our hearts and minds, as well as our lives!

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying for a happy child to park him in front of the TV 24/7 watching cartoons, ok? I believe children and their time watching TV should be monitored and limited by the adult, too much of a good thing isn't always good!

Some of my fondest memories I can recall are from watching Dumbo, Sleeping Beauty, Peter Pan, Cinderella, The Sword In The Stone, Snow White, the list goes on, and on, and how wonderful the feeling is associated with watching them as a child! Makes me smile just thinking about it! The very first cartoon I seen at the theater was Lady and The Tramp, I was in kindergarten, my sister and her boyfriend took us to the local drive in to see it, it was so cool! I would have to say my favorite Saturday morning cartoon was Warner Brothers Looney Toons, and my favorite cartoon movies would have to be Walt Disneys. I rent and buy a lot of cartoons, you can always count on cartoons to make everyone happy, no matter the diffenrences in tatse of movies, it something the whole family can come together and watch! They aren't violent, offensive, most usually don't cuss, don't show blood and guts, no nudity,or awkward things to have to explain to your child (know what I mean?)! I suggest to make a family night, get everyone together, no matter what age, and rent or buy the latest cartoon to hit the shelves, the new releases come out on Tuesdays, the first week they are out is the best time to purchase them, as they increase in price the week after. Have fun, enjoy, eat popcorn, snuggle on the couch, put your kids on your lap, kiss your spouse, and settle in for a good cartoon!

About my life

I am a 34 year old stay-at-home Wife/Mother of 4, I love what I do! I have 3 girls, in age range from 16, 7, and 2, and 1 boy age 15 months. I can say, my family honestly, and truly love cartoons, we're not fanatical about them, but know the power of cartoons, and a good laugh! We love our kids, and want the absolute best for them in every way, we want them to do good, be ambitious, be accountable, learn from their mistakes. Like every parent out there, right? We really think that cartoons can help achieve this in many ways, there are even learning cartoons out there, that interest your kids, and help them learn their colors, the alphabet, manners, even cartoons that teach about the Love of Christ! There so many ways we can encourage our children, but we really need to set a good example for them to follow, so they know how to behave, and learn what is to be expected of them. Cartoons can actually slow things down, and bring the family closer together,at least once in a while!

Just for fun: Books I recommend

Even as old as the Saturday morning cartoons are that I watched when I was a kid, can still provide a lot of good wholesome laughs and entertainment, for children, and adults today! There is Hanna Barbera, Warner Brothers, Tex Avery & Joseph Barbera, all the classics! Rent them or buy them, today,and you won't be disappointed! Here are just a few books to prove the power of laughter!

A few movies I recommend for your family, too

Some of the best cartoons ever, are the Walt Disney Masterpieces, these are my absolute favorites, mine, and my children! We have all the Masterpieces on VHS, they are the same ones my 16 year old was watching when she was 2! It's really hard to believe they have held up as long as they have, my 2 year old and 1 year old are enjoying them as we speak! Honestly, when I bought them, I never thought in a million years that as many times as we watched them then, that they would be such good quality now! These VHS movies have been watched non-stop for the last 14 years! Wow! I am so glad Walt's family decided to continue on his legacy after his passing, they have such a creative team of artists and story tellers!

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