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Answers to Traumatic Experiences

Updated on June 29, 2016

There are many individuals that encounter traumatic experiences throughout their life, especially in childhood, which can be very damaging to the individual.

For those of you that have been the victim of sexual molestation, rape, incest; physical, verbal, mental, and religious abuse, know that God hears your every cry and has you in the palm of His hand. It may not feel like it as the darkness seems to suffocate you, but He does hear and in due time you will see it. He really does care. You will get through this. Your morning will come. If you can afford it, seek Christian counseling, or perhaps join a support group, and a healthy church. Watch for the spirit of manipulation and using what you're going through as a means to gain attention and the "all about me" mindset. Also, watch for false pride to cover up your deficit. Some of the most prideful people have severe issues and "everything" is about them. That's not of God.

Another to watch for is emotional dependency. It's easy to get attached to someone if we think they have something we need, want, or desire. You can make them your world, wait anxiously for their call; live, eat, and breath them; get jealous when they have other friends, believe that you must be in every faucet and intricate detail of their life, know who they know, panic when you don't hear from them in what "you" consider a timely fashion, make the person feel guilty when your demands are not met, etc. This is dangerous and should be avoided. This reveals a void that ONLY Christ can fill. No human being can handle such pressure nor take on such a task. Only Jesus is that powerful.

If any of the above is your situation, seek God. Seek His face. Seek Jesus' face. What helped me largely was when I stopped trying to cure myself and I simply asked God to reveal Himself to me and allow me to see His love for me. When I stopped seeking a cure and sought God, my life began to change for the better.

When we seek God we find the Cure.


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