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Anywhere Quick Change a Poo Diaper.

Updated on July 5, 2016

Methodologies Involved

Leaving out the diaper bag as a factor

Everyone has a methodology on packing a diaper bag. The fact you may have certain items that could aid in a diaper change such as disposable liners, will be eliminated for this method. As a busy parent sometimes running out the door could mean that you may forget to replenish the diaper bag with the items you normally use.

Using the bottom clothing as a tool

This method was designed for active babies or toddlers. Keeping the pants on the lower part of the extremities will allow for you to control both legs. As a baby/toddler will try to flail both legs and possibly in opposite directions, the clothing or pants will act to restrict overly extreme movements. You can then control both legs by holding one leg or even the clothing itself.

Using the already soiled diaper as a disposable surface

Sometimes a clean disposable surface isn't available. The method was designed that the diaper ready to be changed can be used as an extra surface for the baby/toddler's bum to lay on while you clean.

Basic Necessities

  • diapers
  • wipes.

For this method, the basics are all you need. However carrying a travel sized diaper cream will come in handy if the child requires an application due to a diaper rash or sores. A plastic bag will be handy if there are no disposal units within the vicinity.


  • diaper cream
  • plastic bag.


  1. Lower the pants to either the knees or shins of the baby. Make sure its at a level the baby/toddler can't wiggle or kick off. Open the diaper a tiny bit to allow cooler air in or blow cooler air in the diaper. If there is an urge to urinate the baby will do so and not when you unstrap the diaper.
  2. Unstrap the soiled diaper and only if it is clean, use the inside front of it as an initial wipe downwards towards the surface and tuck underneath the bum so it can rest while you wipe.
  3. If the cleaning requires more than 1 wipe, you can leave the used wipe on the surface of the soiled diaper roll the diaper so that a clean surface is exposed for the baby/toddler's bum to rest on and continue cleaning.
  4. After a thorough cleanse of the bum, remove the diaper and allow the bum to rest on their onesie (most likely or if not a piece of clothing will suffice) and air out. Dispose of the diaper or if that is not possible place the diaper in the plastic bag for transportation.
  5. Place a new diaper underneath the bum, using the bum as a weight stretch the diaper out in one swift move. This will allow the frills of the diapers to pop outwards and then strap the diaper snuggly on the baby/toddler.
  6. When the diaper is changed, dress the baby/toddler and you have completed the change.
Lower pants to legs
Lower pants to legs
Using the front inside of the diaper as initial wipe
Using the front inside of the diaper as initial wipe
Tuck diaper under bum as a resting surface
Tuck diaper under bum as a resting surface
Second tuck after first wipe
Second tuck after first wipe
Stretch diaper using bum as weight
Stretch diaper using bum as weight

Please Watch Video

For a better demonstration please watch the video link attached below.

Anywhere poo diaper change

Technique needs reevaluation?

Could there be improvements to this technique? If so please leave a comment. Thanks.

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