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Approaches for Choosing a Housecleaner

Updated on March 26, 2018

Sick and Tired Career Woman

Sick and Tired Career Woman
Sick and Tired Career Woman | Source

Hiring Cleaning Services Might Not Be Out of Reach

Pondering hiring a housecleaner? To some it may seem being a total extravagance, but to others it's really a survival technique.

There are lots of motives as to why people employ the service of housecleaners. Quite a few people put such long working hours into their professions that their treasured free time is absorbed with household tasks. Quite often it is worthwhile to cover the expense of having someone to clean up your home as one of many useful methods to find a better quality of work life balance.

For some individuals it may be a mainly a time difficulty issue, for others some it's medical problems requiring they need help physically with those tasks. Plenty of older people also need assistance with cleaning their homes.

Is an Individual or Cleaning Company Best?

There’s several ideas any time a person is deciding what’s best for your situation. Do you want to hire a cleaning company, or a sole proprietor who has their own business? There are advantages and drawbacks to each.

If you decide to hire a company, typically the charges are increased as they normally have bigger business expense obligations they need to cover. The other disadvantage is if you find someone that suits you and you believe in, you might not necessarily have that individual again, on another cleaning appointment. You can try to request that individual you had earlier. Nevertheless, they usually have supervisors you can contact if/when you are disappointed with the job. Lots of these organizations train their employees to a particular standard of care.

On the other side, sole propriety owners that do their own cleaning, could be a good option at the same time. It’s their reputation at risk, so they commonly strive to keep that in good status. It is precious to their house cleaning small business success, to keep their clientele content. Having positive word of mouth advertising in a service orientated business is invaluable and they know it. Discover if they are bonded and covered by insurance. If they are not, it's important to determine if that’s a chance you are prepared to accept or not.

Sample Questions to Ask Potential House Cleaners

Whenever you interview your potential person here are a few sample points to ask.

1. What is their rate?

2. What does this include?

3. Do they supply the cleaning products, or do you?

4. Ask for references and check them out.

5. Do they clean while you are home or away?

6. Think if you have any other particular concerns you want to address.

It’s very helpful for them if you have a concept of what you’d like, which chores, the frequency of those, and any other objectives. Pay attention to when you clean your own home, most home owners do tasks that are unique to them that others do not. Those may be points you may want to convey to a potential housecleaner. For example, some people want their beds made, others do not. Some want laundry services, others don’t. Do you sweep or vacuum a front porch?

How to Pay for Housecleaning Services?

Once you get pricing options, you’ll know more what you are looking at. Perhaps you could work an extra hour or two at your job to cover that additional cost. By someone else cleaning your home, it also frees up many hours per week of your time, time that could be spent perhaps on developing some type of home based business, or cutting an expense somewhere else in the budget.

It’s up to you to have in mind a pre-determined budget you wish to spend concerning employing housecleaning services. By getting pricing from several different companies or individuals, you’ll have the information you need to see what best suits you and the frequency you can afford to hire. When you factor in the overall work life balance issue, many people find it seriously worth every cent to hire help.


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