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Moms Who Smoke Weed

Updated on May 12, 2017

Popularity is growing!

Stoner Mom's... Why such a bad rep?

Most women today are stronger than ever before. We are self sufficient, vocal, successful, and powerful. We are moms as a team and we are moms running solo. Preschool, soccer practice, guitar lessons, dance, karate, work, and LIFE are all happening at once. We go to bed exhausted, defeated and sore. Yet, we still wake up with a smile on our face and the will to start the day off like we own it.

Some moms cope with life by doing yoga, dance, bubble baths and wine, light music with a book or something peaceful. Then there are the other moms. "Stoner Moms". These are the moms that hide in their car, closet, basement, bathroom, anywhere really just so they can take two hits off from a bowl to relieve some of the chaotic that happened that day. These are the women who don't really have a valid reason to make them hide their "dirty drug habit". Only reason they have to hide it is because it is still illegal as a whole on a federal level.

Pot Smoking Moms Yay or Nay?

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I would take a bet that Stoner Moms can go to work and function just fine. They can cook, clean and tend to the children just like any good woman would just fine. I bet people who have huge issues with marijuana have ran into a stoner mom a time or two, and those people walked away from her feeling just fine. I bet them pot smoking moms have been pulled over by the police and went along about their day driving down the road like it ain't no thing.

The world doesn't see that in them though. The world sees them as law-breakers, horrible parents, drug abusers, and low lifes. The world doesn't see them stopping by the "dudes house" picking up their medicine. Having to do so discreetly, feeling that little bit of shame because they are afraid the neighbor is casting judgment on them. Feeling like one of these days her secret will let out, making her lose her children and being labeled as a drug abuser.

Drinking is fine but weed is not?

Meanwhile, They see some mom's swing by the liquor store and grab a bottle of wine, hand it to the six year old in the back and tell them to set it on the floor by their feet. I am pretty sure the world does not see the stoner mom stick her head out the window of the bathroom with the fan on trying to hide the natural grown herbal medicine scent. No way can Stoner Mom let her children see her do something so "horrendous and life threatening".

They see worn out and frustrated women cooking and cleaning, chasing after the two year old's that poured chocolate syrup all over the dog. While cleaning that mess up, the kids figured out how to sneak out the door and are on their way for a stroll down the busy highway. They see some of them women take that bottle of wine drink two glasses tell the kids to get in the car they are going for ice cream. They think she is okay to drive because it is only just two glasses of wine right? However, twenty five minutes later someone somewhere gets a call telling them to come to the hospital because two glass wine mom wrecked the car, seriously injuring all of them. Little do they know that the legally prescribed medication she took prior to the alcohol kicked in having some sort of chemical reaction making her ability to drive even more impaired causing her to have an accident.

Less pills more green!

Medicinal Marijuana.... Mom's Natural Way to Fight Anxiety.

Stoner mom though, she rolls a nice fat J and smokes it. After that she has to go pick up the kids from school and start running non-stop for the next three hours. No one calls to let anyone know that the mom blazed out of her mind was in a wreck. No one called because there was no wreck. She was busy doing mom stuff. She was pumping gas yelling at the two older sisters fighting with the little brother in the back of the car. She was shopping, paying bills, taking the kids to dinner. She was not impaired, not speeding, not being reckless. She was obeying all traffic signals, and being safe as can be. She didn't even take any prescribed pills because she does not use them.

Her medicine is marijuana. Stoner moms take on life for the most part naturally. If anxiety kicks in, or frustration from work and the kids start to take over, she would just go take a few tokes from a naturally grown plant. The effects are almost instant and never toxic. Not to mention, I am pretty sure that there are no withdraws from organically grown marijuana.

Society does not see stoner mom's as normal people. The world is blinded by the ignorance that they believe in.

Check out these stoner mom's in the video below. I am guessing they are probably more successful than most of us at this very moment.

Successful Moms Smoking Weed?

© 2017 Jessica

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