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Are parents born or made?

Updated on April 21, 2013

As I strolled around the orchard and the woods on a lovely sunny day, what I saw was uplifting. In the midst of the orchard there was a hen and its chicks.The hen was using its feet to find food for the chicks under the decomposing leaves.I walked further into the woods and saw a dog suckling its puppies. As I marveled at nature and its beauty,I thought aloud this question: Are parents born or made?

God's first class creation - human beings were born with innate capabilities to procreate. Does this natural gift to procreate guarantee human beings to be born good parents? I don't believe so, maybe parents of other species are born with these innate capabilities of being good parents like what I observed from the hen and the dog with their young ones.As for humans we are not there yet we need to be taught to be good parents.

Although there are some good parents with traits of being naturally born parents in the manner they care for their children,there are also few parents who are rotten cabbages who tarnish the human race by being bad parents.This small percentage of bad parents cast doubt on the belief that parents are born not made.I am of the opinion that good parents are made not born.I would try my best to explain why I have taken this stance.

I have often seen and heard of mothers who dump their children at birth.Can they qualify to be termed - born parents.I doubt so with all my energy.I have seen men who after impregnating their girlfriends they desert them.That cannot be termed responsible behavior of a born parent. If these men were really born parents they wouldn't desert their own blood - the innocent children to be born.After parents have divorced some men and women never make an effort to see their children. Hence good parents are made not born.

I have heard of certain parents from certain countries,I am not comfortable to mention here who accuse their own children of being witches and these children are often traumatized,beaten or even killed by their own parents in the process of exorcising what they believe is witchcraft. If this is still happening in our world,can we as human beings qualify to be called born parents? Not at all,when we are calling our own flesh witches and beating them to death.If the children are witches it also follows that the parents are also witches.Like father like son and like mother like daughter that is what our elders teaches us.

I have often heard of warlords who use children as child soldiers and even rape children as a weapon of war.Can this disgusting practice qualify the human race to be termed born parents. Over my dead body would this ever happen. I have read of pedophiles who abuse children. If these bad apples of society are abusing kids in broad daylight,do we qualify as humans to be termed born parents? Obviously not.These few rotten cabbages in society with twisted minds spoil it for everyone.

I have often heard of child traffickers who abduct children and force them into prostitution.Until such time when the world understands the need to love and protect children,despite being their biological parents or not,then only can we say parents are born not made.Good parents are made.All parents need training on parenthood. All parents need training on how to detect abuse in their children.All parents need training on how to socialize their children. All men need training on changing nappies and making the milk bottle for the baby.

I don't doubt that there are very good parents out there but their chance of being called born parents is tarnished by the few bad apples in society who take children as objects and force them into arranged marriages.Some of us as parents we have much to learn from the way the hen and the dog fend for their young ones.May I end by calling for your votes my dear readers. Those who believe that parents are born vote yes and those who say they are made vote no.

Are parents born or made?

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    • samazi profile image

      Masimba Mukichi 4 years ago from United Kingdom

      Thanks, peachpurple for highlighting this. Cheers.

    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 4 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      parents are made out of the duplicate copy of the earlier parents. If parents could change their children into better citizens, then they are reborn. Most likely, parents duplicate their images and actions into their children.