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Are the Updated Parenting Methods working?

Updated on May 15, 2016


As a grandparent, I've had the pleasure of raising and rearing my children in the late 80's into the 2000's using some of my mother's parenting skill, but altering some to fit what I thought was the best method of disciplining. During this era, there were challenges and issues, but none like today. I preferred to teach my children to respect themselves, their things, and their mother and father. If a issue arose, I'd address it according to the deed done, and the age at which it occurred. A compilation of methods tend to work the best, along with a healthy dose of praise. Some parents forget to acknowledge a child when they perform well or accomplish something positive. Parenting isn't just dictating rules and enforcing them, but also building a healthy well rounded child that will thrive with others in society.

Some of the issues of the day in the 1980's were manner's, respecting authority, and achieving an education. These things were taught so that you would live a respectful, peaceful, and productive long life. They were important because a person's character meant something and would get you in doors that were closed. How you behaved determined how you would be accepted into society as either a law abiding citizen or a reckless law breaker. If you were a person of color, that added another obstacle to the puzzle. You not only had to have the intellect, but also the ability to maintain your composure under the obvious traps that were present to create a hindrance to the development and success to your status. If one was not taught well, then one would not perform well!!


Children today encounter technological, social, and educational issues at an earlier age. The era of age appropriate informational teaching has diminished. In society today, we must equip our children at a early age on issue's that we may deem inappropriate for their age, our customs, and beliefs. With the explosion and popularity of the internet, children are encouraged at an early age to explore the many facets it provides for learning. This present a new and exciting option, but carry with it many undesirable risks. A child is constantly bombarded with various pop up ads while they explore the internet, which some may be misleading and harmful to a child's development. Not to mention the social networking capabilities that has so much control over the what is said, reported, and displayed for the younger generation to participate in.


In today's society, everyone has a right to do, be, and say what they want. The odd thing is that when one exercises their right to the above, there are problems. See, even-though one has the right to do things, it doesn't make it the right thing to do. Every thing that is done has a repercussions for what was done, whether it's done personally or to another person. Every action has a reaction! This is where laws were suppose to be created so that people would not overstep ones' boundaries. But, "What happens when the laws that are created still don't protect the people it thought it was created for?" Someone is going to be left out of that protection!!

If I choose to spank my child, then the law may say that I'm abusing my child and I run the risk of having my child removed from my home, but if my child commits some undesirable act upon someone else, then I as the parent will be to blame, thus having my child remove from the home. So where does that leave a parent to discern which parenting method is best for its' household? I guess that question is best left up to the parent to decide, but it's something that has to be decided.

A child without any parental discipline run the risk of becoming a menacing, unproductive, selfish, and lazy person in society. A parent must exert some type of orderly conduct in a child's life otherwise that child will learn by trial and error, what is acceptable or not. There are so many disrespectful, unhappy children in this world today, that I'm not sure if they can be redirected back into society.

Catch 22-Soon to be 23

Like the old saying, "Darn if you do, Darn if you don't!" It has become very apparent that if you don't decide what you and your household shall stand by, others will definitely determine that for you. We as parents can not afford to be on the fence about this issue, and allow other inappropriate things to dictate to them who they are, what they should be, and what they should do. There are too many evil distractions in the world that want to lure you child into things that children were never meant to be associated with.

Children were giving to us to teach, guide, and instruct, and definitely not to abuse and misuse. Children are a gift from GOD, and thus so, love them, but instruct them in what's right and wrong, what's acceptable and what's not acceptable! If you want children to dictate to you what they shall do, then by all means, let them loose with no guidelines, no borders, and no rules; But when the hen come home to roost, don't ask, "What happened?"

End Note

The quickest way to kill a society is to eliminate it's children. Either it be through abortion, or degenerating their mind. Your children are the next generation that will either enhance the world or degrade the world, that's for you to decide. You have to choose for yourself what it is that you want your children to deposit into the world, and not to become a part of the takers. If your child is assimilated into a society that places no importance on GOD and his holiness, morals, standards, rules and regulations, then the world becomes a place that's unpleasant to live in. If we don't know the past and it's failure, but also it's accomplishments, then we are apt to repeat those same mistakes.

These are the things that parents of old have had to ask themselves concerning the present and future generations. Has anyone even notice that the number of grandchildren are dying before their grandparents? Kids before their parents? Has anyone stopped and analyzed some of the reasons why? Or maybe society has decided it has given up on the solution to this real and present danger. We are so close to the world changing into such unbelievable chaos and crime never before seen or imagined since the world was created. Get a handle on your children while there's still time.

What do you think of the kids today?

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