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Art of Parenting

Updated on December 31, 2014

The Value of Parenting

Parenting is the power possessed to mould children into decent and loving individuals. It involves instilling of values and morals from as early as childbirth. It is not just important; it is essential to ensure a good society at large. Being a parent, is indeed, a most rewarding opportunity but comes with major responsibilities. Finding the most appropriate approach while raising a child determines what personalities they develop and how they respond to other people. It promotes productivity, motivation, responsibility and respect in the individual.

Parenting, Changing with Time

Styles of parenting have gradually revolutionized with time. This has in turn impacted on the nature of individuals in the present world. Some of the empirical researches on parenting from an evolutionary perspective concerns attachment and the consequences that individual styles have for subsequent development. This is because attachment served an adaptive function to infants in the environment of evolutionary adaptedness. More recently, studies suggested different styles of child bearing could result in different attachment patterns. Other factors adversely change with evolving styles such parental investment and stepparent investment. This is an instant in showing how the different aspects put into context while bringing up an individual has changed with time hence either improving or degrading the quality of the child.

Effects of Parenting Last for a Lifetime

Parents usually are the initiators of their children’s socialisation and aptitudes, the tenets of which are moulded from their upbringing. As a nation, we desire children who best represent their maximum potential. Therefore the adults in their lives must follow parenting principles designed to nurture our children to develop the qualities which will result in a confident, responsible, caring human being

How Today's Parenting is Affecting the Future

Parenting styles are classified by psychologists such as authoritarian styles which refer to parents who value respect to authority and strict obedience to their commands. They rely on techniques such as threats and physical punishment to control their child’s behaviour. This was very common in past ages but is not practised in most households in present ages. Instead parents practice the art of verbal communication of warnings and light physical punishments if any. In the future, physical punishments will not be condoned and there’ll most probably be laws enacted reproving such acts. What this begs to signify is evolving parenting styles will directly impact on the nature of the future generation.

In a Nutshell...

Parenting is a crucial factor to the growth of our society. It has a major impact to development in any agency in this population. A principle evolutionary function is to induce in an individual an understanding of the availability and predictability of resources in the environment, of the trustworthiness of others and the enduringness of close interpersonal relationships. All of this affects how the developing person apportions reproductive effort.

Some Book References for Additional Reading

Childhood experience, interpersonal development, and reproductive strategy: An evolutionary theory of socialization, by Belsky and Steinberg

Attachment, mating, and parenting: An evolutionary interpretation, by Belsky and Steinberg.


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    • VationSays profile image

      VationSays 3 years ago

      Thanks! :) I will do so....and I'll do some more articles on present age parenting too


    • Fred Arnold profile image

      Fred Arnold 3 years ago from Clearwater, FL

      Hey there! Good topic for a hub. I liked reading it and your references check out nicely! Overall, I believe parenting is starting to go towards a less hands on approach. People need to be free to grow as they will. I would recommend adding some pictures and interactive areas to this hub. I'm sure you could come up with some interesting questions to add!

      Stay awesome!