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Arts and Crafts for Kids,Make Playtime a Blast

Updated on August 30, 2011

Learning while playing, child development at home or school

Has your child started school already? Are you a parent or teacher who wants to give children more to do during playtime? If you so you have definitely landed on the right blog. I can still remember when I was a child and how my favorite past time in kindergarten was arts and crafts. Sure i loved playing with toys and other children,just being a kid,but during arts and crafts that's when i felt as though i was doing something important such as making something to show my parents telling them look at what i did and i made it for you. We made all sorts of things in school and my mother still has them today,she has the Halloween pumpkin made out of a paper plate, the rock made from play dough, the house made from desert sticks and too many to name. Though i wonder why she would keep them i realize its for memory sake something to go along with all the childhood photos and stories.

Arts and crafts are a major part of child development and if done at home as well can be a fun learning experience for the whole family. There are over 200 pages of crafts projects in this book and all can be made from readily available household materials and the crafts are so easy plus you can adjust them to your child or children's skill levels. They can make everything such as toilet paper tube frogs, butterfly napkin rings,paper bag bee,hand print key chains and too much more to name. With the few I have already named you are probably thinking those are some things i would like to do myself. Well its nothing to be ashamed of because I do it with my children all the time and have just as much fun with arts and crafts as they do. The arts and crafts night creates a bonding night for my family because it allows us all to do something together but it didn't start out that way. There were a few in the family who objected to the idea at first because they were older than the preschoolers but when they saw how much fun we were having they were quick to join in.

This book is not only great for school age children such as preschool kindergarten and beyond but it also wonderful for caregivers. The caregivers are the ones who spend time with your children while you work and this could really lighten up the work load for them. Your children will have fun with the caregiver making arts and crafts,your caregivers and babysitters will enjoy this as well plus it allows them the opportunity to bond. Your younger children who are not in school will start school and quickly get ahead of the other children and during arts and crafts he or she will have something to teach the class which will impress not only the class but the teachers as well. Also these books can be used with special needs children because as I have told you the arts and crafts projects are not at all too difficult.

The arts and crafts book is geared towards the seasons which means that in October it would be Halloween and your child can make all the spooky arts and crafts for decorations,Christmas your child can create trees and so on. Why not spend a measly $19.95 for something you can use year round? You also receive a second book free, start doing this with your child today if you are looking for extra activities besides games that can corrupt the child's mind. Start spending time with your children and create crafts that you can put away to show their children in the future.

The books are available in ebook format so you have access the same day as when ordered,plus you can print an assignment directly from the computer if you'd like. The only thing that you would need is adobe reader which is available online as a free download. Tonight me and my children are making the sleepy pig.


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