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Autism and Sensory Help for Children on the Spectrum with Creative Learning Apps

Updated on October 8, 2016
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Cindy Hewitt is a retired teacher who writes educational articles of interest to the teachers who are still in the classroom.

Technology Company Creates Learning Apps for Sensory Processing

Children on the autism spectrum have difficulty with processing all kinds of events that involve the use of their five senses. Loud noises, strange smells, and clothing that they feel uncomfortable in for only reasons that they know are all part of the difficulties in sensory processing that parents must learn about if their child has a diagnosis of autism. Live 2 Learn Differently, LLC, a Florida-based technology company, develops and creates learning apps for children on the spectrum. Andre Spivey, CEO, started the company to help his young son when he received a diagnosis of autism. The apps were successful with his son and he realized that other parents could also use help with their autistic child.

The learning apps from Live 2 Learn Differently are of special help with sensory processing. An app that is of special interest is the app "CatchLightening", an app that can help with understanding storms, thunder and lightening. The app has appealing graphics and sounds to capture a child's attention and learn to process the frightening event of a thunderstorm. The app helps with understanding storms and also teaches parents how weather changes affect children with autism. "CatchLightening" is one of the many free apps from Live 2 Learn Differently. Parents may access this free app by visiting the website at

CEO Andre Spivey periodically hosts live question and answer sessions on his Twitter feed. His current Q/A session will be held on Tuesday, October 11. He will answer questions from parents about how they can help their child with autism in processing information about storms. Interested parents may log on to the company website for any of his live events. Each title for his live events can be found on the website with ticket information. The current live Twitter event can be accessed at

Apps for Communication and Sensory Development

Creative learning app for learning speaking skills
Creative learning app for learning speaking skills | Source
Creative app for using sense of touch
Creative app for using sense of touch
Do you have a picky eater with a diagnosis of autism?  App helps with asking for food choices
Do you have a picky eater with a diagnosis of autism? App helps with asking for food choices
Learning apps are IEP-based to meet learning needs
Learning apps are IEP-based to meet learning needs

Technology Improves the Lives of Children with Autism

Technology has improved the lives of children with special needs. The apps created by Live 2 Learn Differently are designed to help with communication, math skills, and language skills. Many of the apps are free and some are available for a cost of $.99. The apps are also available for tablets offered by the company and loaded on tablets by request. Special education teachers are using the tablets as incentives for special needs to participate in learning activities. The tablets can be used in small groups to improve social interaction and individual students enjoy using the tablets to improve skills in math, reading, and communication.

Learning apps from Live 2 Learn Differently are of interest in that the apps are IEP-based to meet the learning tasks that a child's teacher will write on an Individual Education Plan each school year. The apps are parent-friendly to help with mastery of the learning tasks. The company also conducts live workshops in the Tampa, Florida area and around the country to educate parents about using technology for their child on the autism spectrum. The company also has an informative FaceBook page with helpful information for parents and teachers. The website has also added a blogging section for parents/educators who have creative ideas to share with others.

Teachers and Technology for Special Needs Children

I am a spokesperson for Live 2 Learn Differently because I understand the need for creative technology tools to use with special needs children. Many schools do not have the luxury of having a teacher who teaches only children with special needs and technology that can be used by any teacher in any classroom is especially helpful in today's classrooms with children who have special needs such as children on the autism spectrum. Parents also can appreciate the extra help from learning apps that can be used at home. The informative workshops from Live 2 Learn Differently are both fun and educational.

Parents/Teachers with Children on the Autism Spectrum

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