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Updated on September 10, 2010

Autism and love

Autism, writing, a dream and a website

Did you ever wonder what it would be like to come into a major league baseball game with the bases loaded and your team is up by one run and all eyes are fixated on you to get the remaining out to save the game? Mariano Rivera is the perfect example of someone living that dream. That was always a dream of mine when I was a kid and I had always had a love for the game of baseball back then and I still do today but I realize the dream has long faded away with the passage of time and my realization that I just was not major league caliber. As I've grown and developed as a person I have come to realize how important it is to dream and hope and strive for the goals we set for ourselves utilizing our God given abilities and never losing sight of the dreams we envision. We must know the road to accomplish those goals and dreams maybe a long one but we must never give up or lose hope.

The realities we live in our life does impact and influence our decisions, our goals and our dreams and we must learn to adapt and regroup to find the appropriate goals suitable to our God given abilities. We must never lose hope when we fail or when it seems like we just are not good enough. It is the struggle that makes us stronger and wiser and if we realize this early on it will help us to know that patience, dedication, effort, sincerity and confidence will get us through and help us realize our goals and dreams.

Sometimes we don't realize what we are capable of and it takes our formidable years of education and personal attributes such as discipline, hard work and our abilities to find our strengths and weaknesses. If we can learn and adapt and accentuate our strengths and build upon our weaknesses we will develop our self confidence that will enable us to see what it is we should do in our life.

Life is a series of stages, events, experiences, challenges, hopes, dreams, realities, disappointments, celebrations, friendships and most of all a gift that we all are blessed with from God with uncertainty and hope. It is within us to strive to be our very best so we can accomplish our vision, our hopes and our dreams.

In life we all will be preoccupied with the usual and in our experiences will learn and make choices that will influence us and others with whom we touch and we will learn along the way and hopefully make our mark in the world. We all have it within us to do good and to help others.

I am a proud father and a loving husband and my family always comes first and they help me in making decisions and choices. It is always nice to have the love and support of others that help encourage and motivate us to always do our best despite the difficulties and disappointments we experience along the way.

I have had many joys and heartbreaks in my life and I have learned from each and every one of them. It is the sum total of these experiences that have shaped me as a person and have also inspired me to open up and share all that is important to me. I have discovered the insightful writer, the protective father, the loving husband, the grateful son, the caring brother, the dedicated employee, the sensitive and compassionate human being and the hopeful activist for a cause that is bigger than us all which is Autism. I wish to share my experiences, my insight, my hope, my vision and my dreams so I can help my son to achieve and do all he is capable of and to hopefully help someone who is going through the same challenges we are.

I am proud to write and devote my time to exploring and understanding autism and I will always try my best to share helpful and insightful information and experiences here at hubpages, on my blog and now on my website devoted to Autism and dedicated to my son called

Thank you for your kindness and your support and encouragement.

Dedicated to my son who is my greatest gift.

Edward D. Iannielli III



A drive with my son

Talking with my son


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