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Autism's Amazing Moments

Updated on November 9, 2010

 The things that parents of typical children get excited about, are not always the same things that get parents of autistic children jumping up and down.  Read on to hear what my favorite moments lately for Michael. 


I had a severe sickness that I couldn’t shake.  I started coughing and couldn’t stop.  Michael came over and put his arms around me and asked if I was ok.  He told me I should go to the doctor and asked me if he could get me a drink. 

WOW!  Empathy!  Recognizing a problem and suggesting appropriate solutions.  As I’m sitting there trying to stop coughing, I was seriously on cloud nine because Michael responded appropriately!


This morning while getting ready I was having trouble keeping Michael on task. I was in the shower and he had stripped off his clothes and was sitting in the hallway. I had asked him a couple of times to go get his underwear. Mornings are a tough time in our house because Michael hasn’t gotten his adhd meds yet and has trouble focusing.

So I’m telling him again to get his underwear on and he’s going into how Sully on Monster’s Inc was doing this and Mike was doing that and Mr. Bile took something. So out of frustration, I asked if Mr. Bile took his underwear. He absolutely cracked up.

Typically, Michael doesn’t get anything but slapstick humor. The fact that he picked up that my comment was a joke and genuinely laughed was remarkable.

He of course then applied the joke to multiple Monster’s Inc characters. And I did eventually have to help him on with his clothes as we had run out of time.


 My two year old daughter has been saying she is done eating after only a couple of bites and then asking for a snack w/in an hour.  So we have been making her wait at the table in the hopes that she will see that she doesn’t get to go play any sooner by doing that.  Needless to say, she throws a fit, crying and saying to let her go.  Michael can’t stand it when she cries.  He will yell at my husband and I and then if he doesn’t think we are acting quickly enough, will unbuckle her booster seat to get her out himself.  Other times he will go over and hug her w/ his arms around her.  Even though it is irritating that she is getting attention for bad behavior, it is just so sweet.  I love that he clearly loves his sis so much.

Back Talk

 Although I think that we as parents could ALL live without back talk from our children, I was actually pretty excited when my son started doing this.  My friend’s children had been giving them grief for years but Michael would either do what I say or wouldn’t notice me saying anything. 

I am often told to go to time out that I’m naughty, and that he doesn’t like me.  I don’t like being told these things but I’m grateful that Michael is starting to have a mind of his own and is voicing is displeasure at being told no or being put into time out or… Whatever it may be.


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    • CRMoneysaver profile image

      CRMoneysaver 7 years ago from Eastern Iowa

      Thank you Paradise7. And I handle it better some days more than others. I appreciate your comments.

    • Paradise7 profile image

      Paradise7 7 years ago from Upstate New York

      Very interesting. You are a good writer. You have a special challenge with your son, and it seems you're handling it very well. My hat's off to you.