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Updated on December 9, 2012

Where To Start?

Baby baby baby is definitely a wide selection title. Don't you think? There are so many things to talk about when it comes to babies. What could be wrong when they won't stop crying? When can they eat something other than formula? What is that red spot on their skin? Is something really wrong? Do I need to take them into the doctor for that? Will my baby be a thumb sucker? How often and how much should they eat? These are just a few things on the minds of parents with babies. And it doesn't stop there. We are worried and wondering throughout their lives. Of course none of us will ever have all the answers, but it helps to read about what some people experience in these situations. I still "Google" questions about my baby and my oldest at least once a week and now I will share some of my wisdom with all of my readers.

What is Wrong?

There are so many thing tat could be wrong when your baby won't stop crying. What is it this time? Dirty diapers, wet diapers, being hungry, being thirsty, upset stomach, and many other things could be the cause for your baby to not stop crying. It can get frustrating and overwhelming at times trying to figure it out but don't fret, you will figure it out. Most of the time you will try to do all of these just to figure out that it was the last thing you tried. At this point yo just want them to sleep for a little while and they will. Everything that could be wrong, you just fixed. They are happy and content. Good job, you just figured out that it was a little of everything that was making them so unhappy and you solved the problem. There will be times when other things are wrong and may even have to go to the doctor to figure it out but the times you can fix are the times you will cherish the most.

Feeding and Eating

How much formula should your baby be taking in? In a 24 hour period your baby should be taking in two and a half ounces for every pound they weigh. When you just think about it, it seems like a lot, but do the math. Your baby weighs 9lbs? Two and a half times nine equals 22.5 ounces in twenty four hours. It is said they are supposed to be fed every three hours, so that is a little less than three ounces per feeding. Of course this is the minimum they need to be taking in. I always added an extra half an ounce to make sure they were getting enough.

When can they start eating something other than formula. Baby formula is the only thing recommend for the first six months, but that was not the case with my oldest. She had to have baby cereal added to her formula from day one to even keep it down, but in normal circumstances baby cereal should be introduced at six months. I guess it all just depends on the pediatrician and the baby's health. There are many different circumstances that could change when and what they can eat.

Irritation or Skin Disease?

Babies have a tendency to turn red on different parts of there body. Is there something causing it or is the skin just irritated? It can depend on were the rash is. If your baby has redness in the crease of there neck, it could just be from where formula gets down in there during feedings or when they spit up. If this is the case, there neck may start to sink and need to be cleaned thoroughly on a daily basis. here will be build up under there until they actually grow a neck. There could also be redness in there creases. These creases can include the back of there knees, armpits, bend of elbows and behind there ears. These areas can get irritated from moisture but could also be a sign of Infantile Eczema. In these cases your baby could also have dry skin or rashes all over their bodies.

Home remedies for these cases would include extreme moisturizing. Using Cetaphil, Aquaphor, or another type of thick moisturizer would be great. In extreme cases though it may be necessary to see a physician. It could be bad enough to have to put them on a steroid creme to help treat this. In that case, use it for a couple of weeks and then take them off for a couple, as to avoid them getting used to it. Not to be alarmed, it is not a type of steroid that will stunt their growth, just help there skin.

Detergents, new clothes, or anything else with dyes may be the cause of redness or rashes as well. Your baby could just be having a reaction to something like this and needs to keep it away from the skin. Free and clear detergents are the best to use in this case, Not Dreft, it still has dyes in it. Washing clothes before they wear them could prevent this from happening as well. We can never get it all right the first time, but we can try to avoid it happening again.

So Much More

There is so much more about babies that I could tell you but those are the things you will want to figure out yourself. No one could ever tell you everything about babies, because no ever experiences everything and it is different for every parent. These are just a few of my experiences that may help out a little for the ones who deal with the same things. Love your children and enjoy every minute with them.


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