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Updated on July 20, 2012

This is my experience with trialling Australia's BabyLove Nappies. I purchased the Infant 3-8kg nappy. They have the widest crutch area I've ever seen in a disposable nappy. It's so wide that my baby's legs were spread when wearing the nappy. It must have been uncomfortable because as soon as I unfastened the side tabs she quickly put her legs together and had a stretch.

This nappy is quite a rectangular shape when laid out and it's noticeably a different shape to other disposable nappies. Padded from front to back it could almost be a gigantic sized maternity pad! It's inner padding is soft but with the same texture almost along the entire rectangular nappy it will allow for the nappy to soak right up the front of the baby and same for the back - actually, especially the back. You see, there is some padding purposely missing in the bottom area of it, in an almost 'Y' shape, and in this area of the bottom the nappy is actually as thin as the side tabs. It's meant to be a 'poo catcher' but my baby's number 2's wouldn't necessarily be aimed at that void area and even if they were I don't think it would make her any more comfortable, and certainly she doesn't poo in the shape of a Y. I think this is just a marketing gimmick, they've just removed some of the absorbent padding at the back, and in my opinion it doesn't make it a better nappy.

The nappies have The Wiggles prints on them, but they would look better if they were colourful. There are mauve motif's on the nappy but they almost look like kids ink stamps on the nappy, or a faded black and white little pictures. They would look better if they were bright. Only the front panel is colourful.

Although the nappy feels quite soft and if it wasn't for the void in the back lining they appear thick enough to be worn as a night nappy, there is also another reason not to like this nappy. It has absolutely no stretch in the front or back of the nappy, or in the side tabs. There is no stretch at all around the top of the nappy in any area to allow the nappy to sit right and also allow for movement. There is only the elastic gathering around the legs to stop leaks. Therefore the nappy is either going to hang down at the front or dig into bub's tummy during movement or hang off bub's back. You would have to adjust the tabs if you sat baby up or baby would be uncomfortable.

Because this nappy has an unusually wide crotch and because it has no stretch when fastening it, I would not recommend this nappy. I wasted my money purchasing these, the packet when straight in the bin! BabyLove Nappies for 6-11kg are advertised to have stretch to allow for movement, so I wonder why they don't allow for movement with these nappies? I haven't tried the 6-11kg Crawler nappies, as these ones were so bad I'm not prepared to purchase them.

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    • AustralianNappies profile image

      AustralianNappies 7 years ago from Australia

      I appreciate your comment, thankyou Lady_E!

    • Lady_E profile image

      Elena 7 years ago from London, UK

      Thanks for the review. This will help a lot of mums........ and dads. :)