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Baby Chronicles

Updated on July 3, 2015

Our Baby is a Bundle of Joy....

I had enjoyed my pregnancy, eating healthy food, regular exercise and tons of pampering by my husband. I even sent him out at midnight when I had craving for ice cream with hot chocolate sauce. We loved peering at the ultrasound prints and brainstorming for baby names. Childbirth had been a miracle indeed. The baby was march born and literarily welcomed like the spring after a tumultuous snow storm. Now started the challenges of “Bringing up Baby”, with the little one taking charge of the entire household and turning it upside down. We saw our lives changing, as a mother, as a father and together as a couple. I must confess it is a roller coaster which just takes off and makes you feel excited, happy, sad, scared, angry and cheerful, every emotion you can feel, all in one day!!!

Fatherhood - My husband's perspective...a perspiring one too!!!

You tell your Boss you shall work from home because you have to rush back to see the beautiful new adornment of your home, your darling baby girl. Then while you are seriously engrossed in your quarter ending presentation, she starts wailing. You try to pacify her, change her diaper, amuse her with toys and finally perplexed, call your wife to take her away.

Her increasing diaper bills have messed up your monthly budget. You feel drowsy while watching television as all those late nights have over drawn on your sleep bank. You cannot drive off on the weekend without packing in the pram and baby bag. You visit the zoo instead of the local pub. Your life has changed as those carefree days are gone of hanging out with friends, games of tennis, rock concerts and sleeping late on the weekends.

But then she turns to you and touches your face with her baby soft hands. You hold her close and she nestles in your broad shoulders and drifts off into a peaceful slumber. You see her calm face radiant with innocence and you know it’s worth every bit!!! You want to be a “Father” now. You want to protect your little angel and when she grows up, play tennis with her, go to those music concerts with her and then someday she’ll be old enough to raise a glass with you and say “Cheers Dad!!! To life and to us!!”

Motherhood - my is pointless...!! to plan and organise!!!

I had survived the long working hours, the deadlines and high revenue targets of the corporate world. I thought being at home as a full time mother would be a breeze. Little did I know that from henceforth I would have to work all three shifts, stay up at nights and never have my weekends off. I was pushed with my baby’s first cry into hawk like alertness and my body just delivered her smallest need and was instinctively sensitive to her tiniest movement. I think that’s how God made mothers!!! Someone who could never be tired, never feel sleepy, never fall ill, in short be a “Super Woman.” I just wanted to rush to her every call and took every opportunity to comfort my little cuddly bear.

But then you do reach the threshold of your ability to give and cave in to the surmounting pressures of household chores and your baby's growing needs. Then comes that time when you forget to sterilize her bottles, or realize that you forgot to buy her baby wipes and her jumpsuits are getting smaller in size. Your body like a machine needs servicing and care too before it breaks down. Its time you shared the responsibilities and make things easier and fun for yourself. Let your family step in and give you that break before you burn out. You are excited about your baby, but let your husband share that love and pitch in to take care of her. Let your mother or sisters take care of her while you recoup and re-energize.

This is just the beginning and you need those energy cells to take you through her many future stages when she takes her first step, her first exam, her first boyfriend, marriage and beyond till history is repeating itself again. So enjoy it bit by bit and sometimes your action may not feel perfect, but relax….your baby understands, and loves you anyways!!!

TEAM- Together Everyone Achieves More!

“We" - As a COUPLE

Nine months had been enjoyable as we shared all the moments of bringing this baby to life. Married life had been bliss, contrary to my friends’ beliefs. Now I had a best friend for life. A soul mate that was always there to talk to, go out with and do all the things we enjoyed. Then came this little one with twinkling eyes and took that tiny part in between us…On our bed!!!

It all started there, he forgot to hug me after he came home from work because he was busy carrying her, and he complained of not finding his matching pair of socks because I was busy doing her laundry. I would forget his tea as I rushed to give her milk and he would forget the groceries because he went to the Baby store to buy her Diapers. The candle on our dining table was never lit, because we were taking turns to eat while one of us always was amusing our princess. He felt like a chauffeur as I sat behind with her watching the car seat. I felt annoyed as I forgot to wear my lipstick in my rush to dress her up when we went out. Finally the dam burst and we fought, we shouted like crazy people and vent out all our pent up fatigue. Then we heard a soft cry which made us stop. There from the bars of the crib was this 'little being' looking at us with her seemingly big eyes for her tiny body and smiling. She continued to smile as we stared at her with an open mouth, ashamed of our immaturity and utter carelessness. She smiled as she did not care for what we did; she just identified us as her caregivers. That’s when we surrendered, and actually laughed at our childish outrage.

We had been a team of two all this while, but now we had to induct this new member into our gang. Caring for her could be fun if I kept my make up kit in the car, he helped me sort his laundry in advance, I held her milk bottle while he amused her with toys. We could do it like a squad, turn by turn, systematic and enjoyable.

We learnt to laugh at her new adventures and make stories of her gimmicks. We were teaching her to become a part of us. She was our baby….our pride and our life.

So having a baby is like writing a chronicle. It’s a new day each day. Things change for the better or for the worse…no for the best actually.



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