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Baby Love Nappy Pants Photo And Review 2011

Updated on November 10, 2012

BabyLove Nappy Pants: Front

I decided to try Australia's BabyLove brand Nappy Pants on my 8 month old baby because when she first started Daycare I noticed oneday a staff member at the centre, who had changed her, had pulled the tabs in on her regular nappy far too tight. It upset me because it meant that her nappy was digging into her tummy quite tightly, and she was very unsettled until I noticed and took it off.

I had started to return to work part-time, and I didn't want to take any chance that this might happen again while I was not around to change her nappy myself.

I had tried Huggies Nappy Pants on her previously, but they gave her Nappy Rash (Even just wearing one). Huggies Nappy Pants are pretty, but the fit is more like Training Pants or regular underwear, they are a snug fit at the crotch area, they tend to hold the nappy damp against the skin, unfortunately.

I am also not a fan of BabyLove Infant Nappies which I'd tried on her a few months earlier. They do not have ANY stretch in the fabric around the waist area or tabs and have a very wide crotch area. But BabyLoveNappy Pants were advertised as being a new product, which go on like pull-up's or training pants, but are actually an alternative to a regular nappy, with "360" degree stretch around the waist.

I've had success with using them as a day time nappy. My 10kg daughter, although yet unable to walk is wearing the "Walker" size which is advertised on the packaging as being for a 12 to 17kg baby. I've got her in this size because the smaller size "Crawler" 6-11kg seems too slim at the back an often slides into her bottom on one side when she's crawling about (Like having a wedgie!). The bigger size covers her bottom better.

BabyLove Nappy Pants: Back

They are not cheap at about AU$16 for 23 nappies. And while wearing one size bigger than advertised for her weight they will hold as much as a regular nappy, probably not quite enough for overnight. I put her in a regular (Woolworths brand) nappy overnight.

We have had one or two slight leaks at the bottom area when the nappy pant has already been on for about 2 hours and is full and then she does a number two. This problem might not exist if the back of the nappy was slightly wider than the front. Even though the nappy has the word "BACK" written on one side, the front and back of the nappy appear to be exactly the same in size.

They are extremely soft in fabric and in their entirety, and have bright, fun and colourful Wiggles cartoon print on either side of them. They have very soft wide elasticized sides which fit my baby snugly and softly without digging in or leaving any marks at all, they have an enormous amount of stretch in the sides, which really makes them fit well at the front and back as well as the sides. The material is breathable and light weight so they don't overheat either.

The elasticised areas around the legs are also beautifully soft with no frilly gathers around the bottom of the leg area, so it's soft on babies legs, a great design which I haven't seen before in regular nappies.

While they go on like nappy pants, I've found they're best taken off baby by tearing each side at the seams, especially when changing a badly soiled nappy. It makes for less mess.

While they are expensive, if you can affort them for a day nappy I totally recommend these nappies to keep your baby comfortable. You do not have to worry about fussing around with side tabs to get a good fit, and they are brilliant to use for times when your baby is at Child Care or being baby sat and you don't wan't the worry of whether your baby has been comfortable when they've had they're nappy changed by someone other than you! Because you cannot put these nappies on wrong!


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