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BOB Duallie

Updated on March 30, 2016

BOB Duallie Sport Utility - YAY or NAY?

As the due date for our second child approached, I began to wonder how we would continue to walk our dog as a family. This has been a daily family task which is not only cardiovascular exercise (especially with all of the hills in our neighborhood), it is also a good time for my husband and I to just talk.

While my husband did not think a double stroller was necessary, I felt that it would make our lives a bit easier. Can you imagine juggling two strollers and a dog? No, thanks. Tim (my husband) recommended duct taping two strollers together. Again no, thanks.

I began my search on Amazon which is where I typically go when I need to purchase something as I have a Prime membership and take advantage of the free shipping. BOB strollers seemed so expensive and I did not think my husband would agree to purchasing something of that cost, especially since he was so against buying a double stroller to begin with. A friend recommended P&R Discount Store. I honestly thought they would not have anything that I would even consider purchasing. And then I decided to go and check it out.

I walked in and immediately saw the "baby" section and the stroller selection, which they had a model of each type that they carry put together so you can try them out. I immediately went for the BOB sport duallie. They were selling it for a fraction of the cost. I had to text my husband to tell him there was no debate, I was coming home with this stroller. Since it is a "sport" duallie, it has a fixed front wheel. Navigating it in the store was no problem at all, even to turn etc. The nice salesperson showed me how to collapse the stroller and put some air in the tires. I was so excited. When I returned home with the stroller, my husband spent an hour playing with it. We were in love.

Then we put our 30 lb toddler in it. Holy moly! Adding our son's 30 lb weight to the weight of the stroller made it quite heavy. This in turn made it much more difficult to make turns. Then add the car seat and the adapter to the stroller. It is definitely a workout. If I had to make the choice again, I would definitely go for the front wheel that is not fixed. Having that maneuverability would make it MUCH easier to navigate the stroller.


I felt as though I needed to update this blog. I have been using the BOB duallie daily now that I stay home with both boys and I have to say, I LOVE that thing. It is perfect. We got the parent tray for the handlebar and I keep sunglasses, housekeys, phone, and water in there! The sun shades go down so far to protect the kids from the sun. It's perfect. It's heavy especially going uphill and then adding a 34 lb toddler and a 20 lb baby, but it's excellent exercise!!!!

BOB Sport Duallie


Overall Impression

The stroller is good quality. It is sturdy. The tires seem to need air from time to time. This may be normal. It does not come with the adapter for a snack tray or to put a car seat on it. This is a $100 expense. It also does not come with the parent console with cup holders etc. This cost is about $30.

I do like that the seats recline. This worked out well when our toddler naps in it. The sun shades are also quite large which helps to adequately keep him shaded throughout the day.

If I had to do it all over, I think I would buy the side by side joovy double stroller. It maneuvers much better and the cost is much less.


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    • ThePracticalMommy profile image


      3 years ago from United States

      I've been eyeing up the double joggers at P&R for a while now. Glad you found a good deal on one!


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