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BOB Revolution SE Single Stroller Review

Updated on June 10, 2011

Are you a sporty mom or dad and want to bring your baby with you while you get your exercise? Why not try the latest creation by Bob called BOB Revolution Sports Experience Stroller? This is the perfect stroller for your baby while you’re walking or jogging in the park or any other on-the-go activities you have for the day.

BOB Revolution SE Stroller
BOB Revolution SE Stroller

Handy and Trouble-Free

The BOB revolution single stroller has a rotating front wheel which lets you move the stroller in any direction. It also has locks forward that secure your baby when you are on the move like jogging or when the ground is a bit rough. The stroller has two-step folding which makes it very easy to fold as well. The frame of the stroller is also very light so it’s very easy to carry and keep in your car.

The design of the product is state of the art giving you and your baby comfort and ease of a smooth ride. The stroller also has an accessory adapter which allows it to attach easily and quickly to a car seat adapter or a snack tray. In addition, the seats have protective padding and a reclining seat that is easily adjustable to give your baby more seating comfort and security.

Lightweight Product

The Bob stroller is convenient for transporting as it weighs just 25 pounds. You can easily take it wherever you go without difficulty. It can be stored and keep in your car since the product dimensions are only 51.6X25.4X40 inches. It can be folded over into two to maximize space in your car.

Smooth and Secured Ride For Your Baby

The product has an adjustable suspension system which allows your child to have a smooth ride. This BOB Revolution stroller has a two-position shock absorber which provides reliability and comfort. Additionally, there is a five-point cushion or pad strap with fasteners that can be easily tightened by pull rings to keep your child protected and secured. Plus, it also has a rear-wheel brake system which allows you to control the brake with your foot for additional safety.

Easy To Fold and Compact Frame

The Bob Stroller can be folded into two which provides convenient transport for the always on the go parents. The compacted frame and size makes it easier to transport and store. The frame is made from sturdy aluminum alloy and the fabric used is long lasting, stain resistant and easy to clean. There are also a lot of colors to choose from that suit just about any style.

Adjustable And Has A Great Storage Facility

The reclining seat can be tilt back to 70 degrees from vertical allowing you to adjust the position of the stroller when your child is sleeping during a long walk. It also has a multi-position covering which provides protection to your child against the elements but at the same time it has large windows so you can easily see your child.

The stroller can also store various baby items like feeding bottles and more since it has seat back pockets, two-interior pockets, plus a hanging basket to store your valuables. There is no need for you to carry any extra bags.

Limited Warranty

The makers of BOB Revolution SE Stroller guarantee your full satisfaction. The stroller comes with a limited one-year warranty on small parts or fabric and a limited five-year warranty for the frame. Aside from the item the package box has an instruction guide.

PROS and CONS of the BOB Revolution SE Stroller

As a whole the product has many pros and cons which a buyer should consider. Aside from its many good features which make it an excellent choice for a new stroller, some complain that the price is a bit expensive.


· Minimum assembly needed

· Five year warranty on frames and one year of small parts and fabric

· Capacity is 70 pounds excluding the use of stored packets and infant carrier

· Great maneuverability

· Locks forward for safety and security

· Lightweight frame for ease in transport and storage keeping

· Two-step folding

· Ultra-padded

· Reclining seat for better seating comfort

· Easy and quick attachment to car seat adapter

· Adjustable suspension system


· Price is higher compared with other models

· Extra force is needed to fold the stroller

· Seats don’t recline as far as other models

Customer’s Feedback On The BOB Revolution SE Stroller

Nevertheless, BOB Revolution Sports Experience Stroller receives almost positive feedback among its users. When it was released to the market many people wanted to try this new product because of its high quality features.

Almost all users were satisfied with the stroller. Several parents posted about how happy they are that they bought this stroller. As a whole, many customers are satisfied with the product. Almost all users are highly recommending this product for others to try and see for themselves. Visit for further details and product specifications. Amazon has the lowest prices and free shipping with Super Saver Shipping.

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