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BTW; Intro to ME

Updated on January 8, 2013
My motivation
My motivation

Auto Bio for Business class

This is perhaps the hardest part of any class assignment for me, the introduction. I always get stuck on how I should begin any story or assignment regardless of the topic. Admitting I am horrible at this may be the perfect strategy to adapt from now on. At 26 I feel a bit old to be just barely half way through my bachelor’s, however I attribute my delay partially to my eight years of service in the ARMY, and suffering from adult ADD coupled with depression, I have a hard time finishing what I start and I will commit to fifty million things at once yet complete maybe five, I would definitely say I am a Jack of all trades and a master of none. My greatest achievement, in my assessment, would definitely be motherhood, though MAKING a child can be a very easy task, properly caring for them is a whole other issue. I judge my success by my sons’ level of comprehension, at 18 months he amazes me every single day with the concepts he is capable of understanding. Often he can repeat anything he sees once, to my mortification, it ranges from setting the dishwasher to wash to attempting to bake (SCARY). My life is wonderful and has true purpose now, I thank God for him every day, he’s TWO handfuls, but he’s my sunshine.

I am studying business administration because it is a rather generic degree program that can truly translate to any job. I would have to say that in my experience jobs want a degree in the field of the job or a BS in business administration. Ideally I want to start my own business and run it successfully, though there are no guarantees in life I feel that having at least a basic understanding of the proper ways to run a business will assist in my running a successful business until the day I decide to stop working.

As far as geography goes, I am originally from the Dominican Republic, where I lived until I was six. I moved to NY and lived there until I was 17 when I joined the ARMY. I spent eight years in the ARMY and chose to get out because I could never chose the ARMY over my son. My priorities did not line up with the ARMY once I had him. I have lived all over the east coast from NH to AL, Alabama being BY FAR my favorite, ROLL TIDE, I hope to someday make my home in AL, until retirement


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