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Babies make us smile

Updated on July 13, 2013

Cute babies

Cute, cuddly and so precious

There is something very special about babies and how they interact with their world and all those who are a part of it. A mother who spends most of her time with her baby is witness to so many wonderful moments in her baby's life. The most special bond in life is that of a mother and her baby. From the moment the baby is born and placed in the mother's arms a life long bond is established in which both lives are forever changed. There is no greater love than that of unconditional love which is the love between a mother and her baby.

It all starts from the day the "mother to be" finds out she is pregnant. From that day on she will carry her baby for approximately 9 months going through just about every emotion you can think of. During that time she is nursing her developing baby in the womb and she is very responsible and devoted to the care and welfare of her unborn child. It is truly a magical time for the mother to be and the nervous father when they are expecting their baby and going through the pregnancy together. The woman obviously will need the love, support and encouragement of her husband because going through a pregnancy, as beautiful and special as it is, it is also a very difficult and stressful time. Mothers expecting usually are working women and they are working up to or close to the time they will deliver.

Expecting mothers obviously will show as they get to the middle stages of their pregnancy and it is increasingly more difficult for them to do all the things they are used to. Women are very proud and very strong and try to carry on as normal even up to the expecting delivery date. It is a time of great joy and hope anticipating the birth of your child and for the mother it is a unique and very special time living and knowing that a life is developing from inside. It truly is a miracle and a woman has to be able to endure pain and make many sacrifices all for the benefit of child birth. It never seems to be easy going through a pregnancy but when the cries are heard and the mother holds her newborn baby for the first time it is all worth it. Babies have a way of touching our hearts and making us forget the pain, the anxiety and the fear we had experienced throughout the pregnancy.

I remember when my wife was about to give birth to our son and the long night stay in the hospital waiting while the nurses and doctors induced her. It was a tense time as I remember seeing and hearing her say how she wanted to stop the pain she was going through and I felt for her trying to say encouraging words and standing by her side which was all I could do. At times I did have to leave the room as the nurses administered an epidural and prepped her for delivery. I was anxious and nervous as I waited sitting alone with my thoughts in the waiting room hoping that I would soon get the signal to come in to witness the birth of "our little miracle". I remember the doctors and nurses working all around her as she was about to give birth and then I heard our precious baby cry as the nurses wrapped him in a blanket and placed him gently in his mother's arms and I saw she looked exhausted but very happy as she held our son for the very first time. I had tears of joy as I realized I was a father and we now had a precious little baby boy. It was the best moment of my life and I wanted that feeling to last forever. I was so very proud of my wife for all she went through and how she faced child birth with such courage and joy.

I could not get over the tiny hands and the beautiful eyes and the precious little feet. He was perfect in every way and I took great joy in viewing him as he lay in his bassinet. I could not get enough of watching him and I was on cloud nine for some time. I was so happy and knew that my life was now forever changed in such a wonderful way as we now had a little baby to love, nurture and protect.

When we brought our son home from the hospital we were very protective and we wanted everything to be perfect. We were new at this and we had a lot of learning to do but we knew we would be fine because we had this incredible feeling of love and joy in our hearts and every time we looked into our son's eyes we were smitten. Babies have a way of making us smile and appreciate the true meaning of life. They help turn a tough day into an uplifting and wonderful day with their smile and their gentle breathing as you rest them on your shoulder. It's like you are in tune with them and all your upset disappears as you bond with your baby.

All babies are cute and we all love to dress them up and pose them for pictures. A baby is a natural when it comes to the camera. It is truly special capturing your baby in photographs as they are readied for pictures that will be a priceless joy to look back on when they start to grow and mature. We all wish to preserve this special time with our baby and wish that time would last forever as we are just so in love with their cuteness and their innocence. They are just so cuddly and precious in every way. 

There is something very beautiful and peaceful about a sleeping baby. I remember watching our baby sleep in his crib underneath the knitted blanket made special for him by his grandma and I was caught up in the moment enjoying it and I felt at peace seeing him sleeping and felt I could watch him for hours that way. Babies are our greatest gift and they bring out the best in us as parents because we are so important to their very existence as they are so helpless and totally dependent on us and they are so important to us as they keep us grounded and they teach us about love, responsibility, patience and understanding. It is a loving relationship that is unconditional between parent and baby and it is formed at birth and will last a lifetime. May we always share in the joy of our babies and nurture them, love them, teach them and guide them as they grow. The reality we all face in raising a baby is that the time is fleeting and before we know it our babies are toddlers which is another journey we will enjoy in raising our precious baby.

Edward D. Iannielli III


Cute babies

Baby playing - Time lapse

Memories in cyberspace


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    • hazeleyedbeauty profile image

      ashley 6 years ago from upstate ny

      love the photos! h4h?

    • SharkFuel profile image

      SharkFuel 6 years ago

      Of course, when looking at these wonderful pictures it is impossible not to smile :)