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Baby Bjorn Baby Carriers Review

Updated on June 25, 2010

Why Buy Baby Bjorn Carriers

The baby Bjorn baby carriers is one of the best baby carriers available for your child and can be purchase online at any stocking stores including Amazon at a fair price. Before buying baby Bjorn baby carriers you need to known the adavantages and disadvantages of the Bjorn baby carrier and the type of Bjorn baby carriers available that you can choose from

Below are some Advantages of Baby Bjorn baby carriers

  • Good weight distribution – It is design in is such a way that you would not feel the baby’s weight on one side as other baby carriers, with good weight distribution you will feel comfortable to carry your baby using the Bjorn baby carrier
  • Easy to use – Bjorn carrier is very easy to use and user friendly compare to other baby carriers
  • Can be cleaned and stored easily
  • If you don’t  have a hand free pushchair then baby Bjorn is for you as it serve that purpose very well
  • Very adjustable which increases it’s comfort
  • Both the mother and the baby will feel the same comfort, it is design for both the mother and the baby
  • It is one of the durable baby carriers available
  • Ability to keep your baby warm at all times, this gives it a competitive edge over the others
  • It has a simple design, so if you don’t love complicated design then this is the baby carrier for you
  • It guarantees both the baby and the mother’s safety
  • The beauty of Baby Bjorn carriers is that they are machine washable
Comes in different color scheme to choose from, it all depends on your color taste

Disadvantages of Baby Bjorn baby carriers

  • Some do not have dribble clothes more so the second hand ones
  • Could be expensive due to it’s features and material
  • Could be tiring if you are not use to baby carriers
  • Heavy babies would get the Bjorn Carriers uncomfortable
  • Color selection could be a problem when shopping for the Baby Bjorn carriers
  • Could be complex to use for the first time, you need to get use to it

You can find out more on Baby Bjorn baby carries on online retail shops, you will be able to know what people are saying about this baby carrier and what types of Bjorn carriers are available for selection. With that you have a better knowledge on baby carrier


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