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Baby Change Bags - Find The Best Option

Updated on April 27, 2011

Baby Change Bags

There are many great option for beautiful baby change bags and your best option is to shop around before committing to any one diaper bag.

Being a parent is an amazing experience and comes with many joys. However, it also comes with a whole lot of stuff. Baby change bags or baby diaper bags are one of the must have things because this is how you will carry a lot of things your baby will regularly need while you are out and about. When it comes to choosing the perfect baby change bags for you and your family there are a lot of things to consider before taking the plunge. The good news is that with a little planning you can pick out the perfect baby changing bag that will meet your needs.

Styles For Baby Change Bags

The first option that you have when looking at baby change bags is to consider the style. There are more styles available today then ever before which makes it easier for you to find something that you like, that is comfortable, and that actually meets your needs. Gone are the days when all mothers carried ugly quilted blue or pink baby bags that were too small to really meet their needs. Hello options!

Backpack Baby Change Bags

The first option in the list of styles is the backpack baby diaper bags. These baby diaper bags work the same ways as a backpack, but they are designed to carry all of the "stuff" you will need while out and about with a new baby. These are very good if you are on the go a lot or will be carrying your babies stuff for longer durations than in and out of the car.

Shoulder Baby Changing Bags

In a more traditional style this one simply goes over the shoulder. While it isn't growing in popularity as fast as the backpack style, it is still easy to use. They also come in large varieties that allow you to carry a lot of things.

Handbag Style Baby Change Bags

These are much more fashionable because most of them look like large handbags. While they tend to be on the smaller side you will be able to double this one as a purse and most people won't notice the difference. On the other hand this isn't like going to be a baby changing bag that dad will want to carry around.

Clutch Style or Carry Case Style Baby Changing Bags

These baby bags are much smaller. They work well for small, quick trips and include enough to keep things safe. They are lightweight, easy to carry, and attractive because they mimic small sized purses and bags.

Baby Changing Bag Color and Design Options

It used to be that baby diaper bags came in two main colors, pink and blue. You might be able to find a yellow or a green one every now and again, but there wasn't a lot of variety. Now you have a million and one choices out there. Just to get you thinking:

  • Pink and blue are still options. They are timeless when it comes to the sweet little boy or girl. You can also find these in a huge variety of patterns and characters.
  • Yellow and green are also options in a million different patterns.
  • Black is a new great option because it matches everything and dad can feel good about carrying it around with him.
  • Modern patterns and colors let every mom walk around with fashionable diaper bags. You don't have to look frumpy in order to be a good mom who's on the ball.

With so many choices on styles and colors there is a bag for everyone out there! You have a lot more choices and can pick out a baby bag to meet your needs whatever they may be. In fact, you can even choose more than one baby changing bag!

Baby Sherpa Diaper Backpack Camouflage
Baby Sherpa Diaper Backpack Camouflage

A camo backpack definitely looks the manly part of a baby changing bag for dad. However, while it looks great on the outside, it is even better on the inside. It's loaded with all the features needed to make changing diapers or nappies easy. It also has plenty of storage for things for mom and dad and these are great stylish diaper bags for parents on the go.


Baby Changing Bags for Dads

When you are looking for baby changing bags for dads you have a great number of options. You can choose to get a bag that will work just for dad or one that makes for a great everyday diaper bag. There are a lot of great options in black, but other colors can also be more suitable. In fact, you can find bold patterns that are also manly! Most of the backpack style baby change bags are found in bold colors such as cobalt blue, black, red, green, and other colors that will look great for anyone to carry. The backpack style also goes better for most men then the over the shoulder bag!

Things to Consider When Buying Baby Diaper Bags

There are a lot of things to consider before you make your final decision when choosing a baby changing bag.

Is It Sturdy?The first thing you should do is check the diaper bag to see if it is sturdy. If you are holding it in your hand then you want to pull at the seams and look at the fabric. Is this something that you can drag around, cram packed full of baby stuff for the next two to three years or more?
Is It Large Enough?Bigger is often better, as long as you can carry it. In this case you have to think about all the things that you will be putting in the bag. In most cases you will need to carry diapers or nappies, wipes, and a change of clothing at the bare minimum. You may also want to have a wet cloth on hand, a dry cloth or two, bottles, formula, water bottles for mom and or dad, toys, snacks, clothes, tops for the parents (babies spit up and a change of clothing can be nice), camera, antibacterial gel, pacifier, nail clippers, teething toys/biscuits/gel, dirty diapers, and bibs. If you decide you want to use it in place of a purse or handbag then you want a place for your wallet, keys, and phone.
Does It Have Enough Organization?Many baby change bags are large, but almost everything is thrown in a large pocket. This means you have to dig through it to find what you need or unpack it and repack it every time you use it. This gets old fast. The solution is lots of pockets and organization options. You want a pocket for all sorts of things so that you can quickly find it.
What Features Does It Have?Modern times have brought a lot of features to diaper bags. Most have a vinyl changing mat that folds up and fits inside. You want this because it makes it easy to change the baby anywhere. You also want an insulated bottle pocket or better yet, two. You also want a surface that is easy to wipe down and keep clean. It should also be washable. It is nice if the inside is a light color because it will be easier to see inside. Finally you want mesh or see through pockets to put a lot of stuff in because you will know right where it is. Other features and bonuses can be nice such as a small travel diaper wipe container for wipes, a pocket made just for dirty diapers or clothing, and even a fob for your keys.
Is It Visually Appealing?If you are one looking for cheap baby change bags you may think that this doesn't matter. However, you will be carrying this bag for a long time, especially if you want to save money. It does matter what it looks like. If it is so ugly you don't want to go out with it, it will cause problems. Find something you like and will be glad to carry every day for the next two years.
Is It Affordable?Baby change bags have a huge variety of prices. You can find diaper bags for as low as $10 (about 6 pounds) all the way on up into the hundreds. You should spend as much as you can afford because the larger your budget the more likely you will find something you like.

Taking each of these things into consideration is important when choosing the best baby change bag. This is something that will stick with you for a long time and if you make the right choice you can save money by going with one bag for more than one child.

Designer Baby Change Bags

As with many designer products there are some advantages to designer baby change bags. These often include a better durability with higher quality materials. You can also find baby change diapers in leather, leather like materials, and high quality canvases. However, most people choose to get designer baby change bags for style. You are more likely to find a bag that doesn't look like a baby diaper bag if you choose one from a designer. There are many designer baby change bags offered and here are a few of the biggest designers.

  • Timi & Leslie CJ
  • OiOi
  • Kelencom Madonna
  • Reese Li Lexington
  • Petunia Pickle Bottoms
  • Mia Bossi Maria
  • Amy Machelle Gladiola
  • Lassig
  • StorkSaks

There are definitely other designers into making baby bags, but these are some of the biggest names around.

Cheap Baby Change Bags

There are a wide range of cheap baby change bags as well. However, you need to make sure that you consider a wide variety of things before you purchase one. Size and durability are both very important because it is easy to thing, "Wow! That's cute." and find yourself hating it a month later because it is too small or finding yourself needing a new one really quickly because it has fallen apart.

In many cases you really do want to spend as much as you can on the baby diaper bag because in the end it is likely to meet your needs better and it will last through the duration of diapering your child. However, if you can't afford one that is likely to last then look for a cheap baby change bag that will meet your baby's current needs. Often the child can grow into a smaller one as they get larger. Many of the things you need to carry with a little one become unnecessary after a awhile. The baby is less likely to need a change of clothes, you are less likely to need clean clothes, and other things can also be left behind.

Advantages of Having More Than One Baby Diaper Bag

If you have it in your budget you may want to consider getting more than one baby changing bag. There are a number of reasons or ways this can be beneficial to a family.

  1. Mom gets to carry something that looks great while dad carries something he doesn't mind walking around with.
  2. There is a large bag for trips that need all the accessories and a small bag for quick trips. It can make grabbing one and going easier.
  3. You can have a bag packed for certain places you go. Grandma's house may need it's own set of toys and supplies, your place of worship another, and the store a third. Different bags can allow you to be packed and ready to go no matter where you are heading.

Having more than one diaper bag can make things easier, but you still want to make sure that they are well organized. This will allow you a chance to glance in and make sure you have everything you need. It's never a good thing to be out showing the baby off and then have him or her make such a large mess of themselves that you are grossed out and not have clothes or wipes to clean it up!

How Much Are You Willing to Spend on a Baby Change Bag?

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Finding the perfect baby change bag usually requires some time and effort. It is often best if you shop around so that you can find one that is large enough, has the features that you want, and meets your style. You can shop baby stores, stores with baby departments, and a wide variety of excellent online sources to find the bag that you are looking for. Reading reviews can also be helpful when it comes to finding the perfect baby diaper bag.


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