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Choose a Baby Changing Station

Updated on March 26, 2013

When setting up your nursery for your little bundle of joy a changing station is very important. There are so many different kinds, brands, and types of changing station which one is right for you? Well, the easiest way to choosing the right changing station is breaking it down and seeing what you would want in your changing station. How safe is the changing station for your baby? How much space do you have for the changing station. Do you want storage with your changing station? These would be the main questions and of course, also, you may want your nursery to match so color may be a factor. And last but not least how much do you want to spend on the baby changing station.

When looking at baby changing stations the first thing you need to do is see how much space you have in your nursery or if there will be a nursery at all (maybe the baby will be sleeping with you or sharing a room with a sibling.) If you do not have much space you may need a smaller changing station like a folding changing station, wall mounted changing station, dresser top changing station, or corner units. There are many different size of changing stations and just because space is limited does not mean you cannot have a changing station.

A wall mounted changing station is easy to hide away, you need to make sure the changing station is mounted right as you want it to be a safe as possible for your baby. Although this choice is a safe saver, you have to keep in mind that you will not be changing your baby forever so after your baby outgrows the changing station you will have to think about what you will be doing with the wall mount. If you use a folding changing station this will be an inexpensive option that can be folded away after each use or after a period of time. Though this can be a good choice as well a con to this is that if can be a hassle to put away and take out every time. Corner unit changing station can be a good use of space, it is small and compact but again, you may not even that that little big of space. Another inexpensive and space saving option is using a tabletop changing station. One that can be mounted to your baby’s dresser, or you can buy a dresser that has a changing top already built into it.

If you have more space and would like a full changing station then you can choose one that is too you liking and remember safety is always first then it comes to our babies. Make sure your changing station is not wobbly or have any edges that can hurt your baby or you. Also another good thing to look for in a safe changing tables is railings for your baby so that he or she cannot roll over and fall off or a safety belt that can hold your baby in place. If you buy a changing table that does not come with the changing pads then make sure when you buy a changing pad that it is the right size for your changing table and it doesn’t not interfere with any of the safety features of your changing station.

When buying a changing station, it should be just as comfortable for you as it is safe for the baby so height of the changing station is very important. You do not want to be uncomfortable having to bend over too low while changing your baby or have it hard to change your baby because it is too high. And if you and your partner are both going to be using the changing station, who will be changing the baby more? If you both will be using it equally as much, make sure it is a good height for both of you.

If you are buying a full changing station choose one with enough shelving units and/or drawers, a good thing to remember that even though we might like everything to be neatly tucked away. When it comes to changing our baby convenient and ease of access is top priority. Having easy pull out inserts can be a good choice because you can still make everything hidden and neat. Some parents do prefer shelving units over drawers because it is the easiest to access all your baby supplies such as diapers, rash ointment, and baby wipes. But you will have to remember that lower shelves should be covered or used for items that are safe for your baby because if your baby is playing on the floor those items on the bottom shelf may be tempting to them.

Extra Tips:

· Changing stations do not have an expiry date like car seats and strollers so it can often be reused and you can buy second hand.

· If you choose not to buy a changing table that is a perfectly fine decision as most parents do not buy one and often use the floor and just buy a waterproof changing pad/mat.

· Having two guard rails is good but sometimes all you need to do it bend over for something and your baby has spun around so four guard rails is ideal.

· Make sure the changing station/dresser does not use toxic paint (choose a changing station that is Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association approved)

· Buy extra 1 or 2 extra changing pad covers just in case of an accident!

· Keep a teething toy handy for distraction

· Keep trash can by the changing area for all those dirty diapers

· Hand sanitizer is always good to have around

· A hair tie to keep your hair out of your face, your baby’s face, and your baby’s dirty diaper if your hair is long enough

Handy Little Things to Have in Nursery:

· Light Night to keep the monsters away

· Rocking Chair for parents to have a comfy place to sit and be with baby

· Indoor thermometer

· Fan, as most house has a heating system not all houses have a cooling system

· A box to keep your baby’s mementos so it is easily put away before you lose it

· A journal to keep track of feeding time and changing times or to write down an special moments your baby has

· Laundry basket, as you will most likely be washing your babies clothing separate from your own due to different laundry detergent

· Smoke and carbon detector is a good safety feature to have in your nursery

· Electric outlet covers

· Music player for soothing music to put your baby to sleep, but only use when needed


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