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Baby Clothing Sizes Laid Out

Updated on June 13, 2014
Is this how you feel?
Is this how you feel?

Baby Sizing Frustrating?

If you are about to have your first baby, you are probably overwhelmed with feelings of excitement and apprehension. The last thing you want is to be frustrated because of clothes. You want to be able to focus on buying clothes that you think are cute. I want to provide you with some charts that will combine the most popular brands of clothing and their sizes*. I do want to warn you that, regardless of what the sizing is supposed to be, use your best judgement. Just as adult sizes aren't always accurate, neither are baby sizes. I hope that the information I will provide you will help to relieve some of the pressures you might be experiencing at this point.

*Two brands have metric measurements, the other two do not. This is what the brands have listed.

Newborn sizes

Children's Place
5-8 lbs / 2.2-3.6 kg
up to 7 lbs / up to 3 kg
6-8.5 lbs
up to 21.5 in / 54.61 cm
up to 18 in / up to 46 cm
18-20 in

What is your favorite brand of baby clothes?

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Why These Brands

There are many different clothing brands out there, but out of all of them I chose these four: Carters, Children's Place, Circo, and Garanimals. I chose these brands based on the following:

  1. These are the most common brands I have (clothes that I purchased and that were given to me)
  2. Carters' sizes covers a lot of other brands including OshKosh.
  3. Circo and Garanimals* are the brands from Target and Wal-Mart.

*One note about Garanimals. They do not have a newborn size, however, their 0-3 month size is designed for newborn-3 months.

Going Home!

This is a newborn outfit from Just One You (an affiliate of Carters). My boy weighed 7 lbs 15 oz. and it fit him perfectly.
This is a newborn outfit from Just One You (an affiliate of Carters). My boy weighed 7 lbs 15 oz. and it fit him perfectly.

Buying Baby's First Clothes

When you are buying clothes for your new one, it is tricky knowing what size to get. Should you get newborn clothes or should you just skip to 0-3 month sizes? I know I couldn't resist the cute newborn outfits that are available everywhere. Here are a couple of things to consider when you are trying to decide:

  1. Do you have a history of big or small babies in your family? If babies tend to be on the smaller side in your family, then you are probably safe getting some really cute newborn outfits. If they tend to be cute little chunks, then maybe you should only get a couple (especially that important going home outfit) and then stick to 0-3 month sizes.
  2. How has your baby been measuring throughout the pregnancy? Sometimes the ultrasound technicians or doctors can even tell you how big your baby is, how quickly he or she is growing, etc. Use that information to decide.

I would emphasize that it never hurts to be on the safe side and get more cute 0-3 month outfits than newborn outfits. Even if your baby is born small, there is a chance that he or she might grow quickly. I know I relied heavily on the first question to determine what to get my munchkin. Because of the history of small babies, I figured we'd be safe with a larger number of newborn outfits. I was greatly surprised to have a baby that weighed almost 8 pounds (the largest baby in our family to date). He then grew so quickly he only wore his newborn outfits once before we moved on to 0-3 month sizes.

0-3 Month sizes

Children's Place
8-12.5 lbs / 3.6-5.6 kg
7-12 lbs / 3-5 kg
9-12 lbs
6.5-12 lbs
21.5-24 in / 54.61-60.96 cm
18-23 in / 46-58 cm
20.5-23.5 in
20.5-23 in

3-6 Month sizes

Children's Place
12.5-16.5 lbs / 5.6-7.4 kg
12-15 lbs / 5-7 kg
12.5-16 lbs
12.5-16 lbs
24-26.5 in / 60.96-67.31 cm
23-25 in / 58-64 cm
24-25.5 in

How is your baby growing?

By now you should have a pretty good idea of how fast your baby is growing or how your baby grows. For example, my little one has been getting taller faster than he is gaining weight. The result is, he might grow out of a size lengthwise before he has grown out of it width wise. I know of other babies that have the opposite problem; they gain so much weight that they outgrow their clothes width wise before they do length wise. Just remember, each baby is individual and you should take your baby's growth into consideration when buying clothes.

6-9 Month Sizes

Children's Place
16.5-20.5 lbs / 7.4-9.2 kg
15-18 lbs / 7-8 kg
16.5-19.5 lbs
16.5-19 lbs
26.5-28.5 in / 67.31-72.39 cm
25-27 in / 64-68 cm
26-27.5 in
26.5-27.5 in

9-12 Month Sizes

Children's Place
20.5-24.5 lb / 9.2-11.1 cm
18-22 lbs / 8-10 kg
20-23 lbs
19.5-22 lbs
28.5-30.5 in / 72.39-82.55 cm
27-29 in / 68-74 cm
28-30.5 in
28-29.5 in

One Year Over!

Can you believe your little one is already wearing these big clothes? It never ceases to amaze me at how quickly children grow. One second they are totally helpless, dependent on you for everything. The next they are starting to walk, talk, and have opinions.

If you can't tell by your own little one's growth, then the sizes for the next year will be a big clue but a baby's growth in their second year is a lot slower than their first year. In their first year (0-12 months) a baby will grow about 10 inches in length and weigh three times more than they did when you first held the little one. However, in their second year (12-24 months) a baby will grow on average 3-5 inches in length and gain about 3-5 lbs. A big difference from the first year!

What are your favorite kinds of clothes for baby?

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12-18 Month Sizes

Children's Place
24.5-27.5 lbs / 11.1-12.4 kg
22-27 lbs / 10-12 kg
23.5-26 lbs
22.5-26 lbs
30.5-32.5 in / 77.47-82.55 kg
29-31 in / 74-79 cm
31-32.5 in
30-31.5 in

18-24 Month Sizes

Children's Place
27.5-30 lb / 12.4-13.6 kg
27-30 lbs / 12-14 kg
26.5-28 lbs
26.5-30 lbs
32.5-34 in / 82.55-88.36 kg
31-33 in / 79-84 cm
33-35.5 in
32-33.5 in

To Finish Up

Well, there you have it! Sizing for four different brands of baby clothing. As I mentioned before, this is not a comprehensive or exhaustive list. It would be impossible for me to list every single brand of baby clothes out there. However, this is a good start and, hopefully, it has reduced some of the frustration for you. Just remember, when in doubt, use your best judgement. I about packed away an outfit because it said it was a 9-12 month size and my little boy was still in 0-3 month clothes. When I looked at it though I thought either the sizing was wrong, the sizing was weird, or the outfit shrank because it looked really small. To test my theory, I put it on my kiddo and, sure enough, it was a little big on him but it didn't drown him. So, always double check. You can never play it too safe with baby clothes! I suppose if there is any comfort to be derived from this it is that baby clothing sizes are just as frustrating as adult sizes. The journey is only beginning.


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