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Why Buy a Baby Door Bouncer?

Updated on August 17, 2010

A baby door bouncer is a great activity toy for your baby that will encourage their physical development and provide them with hours of fun. Babies love the freedom of being able to bounce away without being strapped in a chair and this item is great for babies who are not yet mobile but get easily frustrated and bored sitting in a chair or on the floor.

A door bouncer or baby swing seat is suitable for babies aged from three months old and can be used until they are too heavy for the seat which will vary from model to model. They can only be used if your baby can support his head fully on his own – before this stage a chair bouncer or swing will be more appropriate.

Baby bouncers and swings are attached to the door frame either with screws or with a clamping mechanism. It is important to make sure your doorway is within the sizes specified by the manufacturer to ensure it is secure and safe for your baby to play on. Very narrow doorways are usually not suitable because of the risk of the baby bouncing into the door frame.

The Tigger door bouncer is a very popular model with a unisex design based on the fun character from the Winnie the Pooh series. This bouncer features a plush head and tail with an integral rattle, a washable seat and can be used with babies from four months old and up to 25lbs. Babies will love getting exercise in this bouncer which helps to develop their leg muscles and it will keep them safe and occupied for fifteen minutes or so, letting you get on with other things.

Another popular model is the Lindam door bouncer. This bouncer can be used as soon as your child can hold his head upright without support and has a weight limit of 12kg. This baby doorway bouncer uses a claw shaped clamp to fit many different door frames without the need for drilling or other permanent attachments. The seat is snug to support the baby’s back and it can also be used as a swing as well as a bouncer.

Baby Door Bouncer Advantages

Baby door bouncers are essential pieces of equipment to fill the gap between your baby becoming more alert and mobile and learning to walk. Bouncing up and down in baby door jumpers can help develop their leg muscles which is useful preparation for their first steps. Besides being great for physical development a baby door jumper will provide extra stimulation, holding your baby upright so they can watch the world around them.

Baby bouncers and jumpers make great gifts for a baby shower for new parents to be. They are not expensive and come in lots of different designs which can either be unisex or in pink or blue for girls or boys. Babies love playing on baby door swings and as well as keeping them happy and entertained, they are also great for physical and mental development.

When choosing a baby door bouncer, look for a seat that is easily detached and machine washable for easy cleaning. You should also consider the attachment mechanism to the doorway and choose one that is strong and suitable for your home. Seat types may be large and roomy or snug and secure – the larger seats make it easier to put the baby in the seat and get him out again but snugger seats will provide more support for your baby’s back.

Try playing some lively music when your baby is in his bouncer – he will love jumping along to the beat and this is also great for developing his hearing as well as his muscles. All babies love playing in a baby door bouncer!


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