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Baby Dumpsters, Dump Your Baby In a Baby Box & Walk Away, No Questions Asked. Baby Boxes, Good or Bad Idea?

Updated on December 9, 2015

Baby boxes or baby cradles, the alternative method to adoption and abortion.

A unique alternative to abortion or having an unwanted baby adopted, has become the center of attention across the globe.

Baby boxes or baby dumpsters, is a growing phenomenon that has both left and right wing political groups in turmoil. As the world population rapidly expands, so does the number of unwanted pregnancies.

What is a Baby Box ?

A baby box is an opening in a wall of a special medical center or hospital. It is usually a metal door with a handle in an unobserved part of the building.

Open the door and inside are some warm, clean blankets on which to rest the unwanted child. There is also a note telling the anonymous parent what to do and whom to contact in case they change their minds and want the child back at a later date.

There are no legal ties and no fees. Only the mental condition of the parent over time may change.

Baby Box Germany
Baby Box Germany

Once the door of the hatch closes, it is automatically locked, and nurses are soon on the scene, alerted by an internal indicator.

The baby is logged into the hospitals records and cared for after certain medical checks to ensure the well-being of the infant..

The parent can simply walk away. There are no cameras or security guards, and no questions are asked. The parent does not even see another person.

If at any time after depositing a baby in the baby dumpster, a parent wants to reclaim their child after a few months, they can do. After short period of time, adoption is deemed as final and parents can longer claim back their off spring.


Baby boxes are not a new idea. Throughout Europe in the middle ages, baby boxes were common place.

Illegitimate, deformed and poorer children were simply dropped into a cradle or makeshift cot, and the parents just walked away. There was no hope ever of the parents being traced.

It was not only an idea for poorer families. Many well off families also used baby boxes to 'dispose' of illegitimate children born out of wedlock.

Many of these unwanted babies grew up and worked for the people who cared for them over the years. Some were sold to be slaves whilst others were forced into the army ( allegedly ).

Who Would Use A Baby Box?

Presumably, the person whom deposits a baby in a baby box, would be the mother. Only in desperation would a mother part with their newborn infant.

Some children whom have been deposited in baby boxes over the last ten years, have only been a few hours old.

Parents whom have come back for their babies at some time or other have told of their reasons for giving up their little treasures.

One lady was in a very abusive relationship. She feared for her babies life and was to scared to leave her boyfriend. She deposited the baby knowing that her daughter would be safe. After just over a year, the lady managed to get herself sorted out. She left the abusive relationship, found herself some work, and came back to reclaim her baby girl.

She claimed that without using the baby box, her daughter may of died due to the boyfriends violence.

Another younger lady simply declared that the baby had come at the wrong time. The girl was just to young to look after a baby let alone herself. Another reason was that the family would of frowned on the idea of her being pregnant because she was so young.

Giving Up The Children

All parents whom give up their children have their own reasons. It is not up to others to judge their decisions or issues.

Many of the babies are re-united with their mothers after a period of time. This period of time obviously allows the mother to come to terms with their life and to turn it around.

Many new parents struggle with the demands made by new born infants. Is this a viable option for those struggling to cope with motherhood?

Misuse of Baby Boxes

Critics have claimed that a survey in Hungry uncovered some diabolical stories surrounding the usage of baby boxes.

Pimps were said to of dropped in babies that were born to their prostitutes. This acted as a warning to any of their other 'workers' from getting pregnant.

Step fathers were also said to of dropped in babies that were not theirs. No-one knows what they told their wives or girlfriends where the baby had gone when they returned home without the child.

Even fathers of the babies mother have been known to dump a baby in the baby box. This was because the daughter was underage.

Baby Box, South Korea.
Baby Box, South Korea.

The Good Uses of Baby Boxes?

Many groups indicate that using a baby box diminishes the need for abortion. Thousands of foetuses are aborted each year, many by under-age mothers or drug users.

Many anti-abortion campaigners agree with the spread of baby boxes across Europe and into the US.

Others claim that using them may help save the child's life if born within violent families.

The baby box also prevents babies from being dumped in bins, telephone kiosks, or on other peoples doorsteps. Dumping a baby in a public place is illegal, but not in a baby box or baby cradle.

A psychiatrics' point of view was that by relieving a parent of the responsibly of looking after a child, may indeed help them both for the future.

Baby Boxes By Country

Country and the number of baby boxes:

Germany 99

Poland 45

Czech Republic 44

Hungary 26

Slovakia 16

Lithuania 8

Italy 8

At the moment there is one baby box Canada and the USA.

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    • profile image

      student 4 years ago

      This helped with a school project, thank you

    • Seafarer Mama profile image

      Karen A Szklany 4 years ago from New England

      Wow. So sad to think of unwanted babies, but having the baby boxes available to those who believe that their babies would be safer when "deposited" in them is a good option to have if they save lives.

      I like the way you presented this information. Very interested in seeing the statistics about how many exist in different countries.