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Baby Essentials 101

Updated on March 28, 2017

Shopping for you and your baby’s needs can be very exciting, at least for some. Sometimes, a feeling of hesitation that you have everything ready will cloud up in your mind. It is a normal feeling to feel worried, that you will miss something important when your big day will come.

If you are about to pop and yet you’re still checking what the must-haves are for your little one, cheer up and end your worries! The most vital thing during pregnancy is to stay optimistic and high spirits.


1. Back-up Thermometer

The baby’s temperature must be checked from time to time. Though thermometer is sometimes provided by the hospital as part of their kit, we never know if the battery of the thermometer will run out. Therefore, it is vital, to have “an extra” or back-up thermometer.

2. Nursing cover, nursing bra, nursing blouse and dress and breast pads

Nursing cover is invented because there are places where there is no breastfeeding station. Using your shawl is a nursing cover will do. The conventional bra may also work but when you’re outside your home, feeding your little one is much more handy if you’re wearing a nursing bra and a nursing blouse or dress. These things are essential for working moms or for moms that are always on the go.

3. Crib

The baby must have his or her own space. There are quite a number of designs available in the market. The factor to be considered in getting a crib is the space of the room where you will place the crib, its quality and if the design provides safety to the baby.

4. Breast pump

Regardless if you’re breastfeeding or not, a breast pump is indispensable. A breast pump will help stimulate the breast to generate more supply of milk. There are three kinds of breast pump, the manual, battery-operated, and the electric breast pump. Breast pumps can also be single and double. Electric or battery-operated breast pump may come at a heftier price than the manual breast pump, but it is more convenient to use. Manual breast pumps are often used in cases of brownouts and if the battery-operated pump runs out of battery. In short, manual breast pumps can be used during emergency circumstances.

5. Diaper bag with Insulated Pockets

If you have a bag with compartments, it can also serve as your diaper bag. The wonderful thing about having an insulated bag though, is you can put the thawed breast milk in it. The diaper bag is useful if you’re a frequent traveler and especially when the baby is introduced to solid food.

6. Baby bath tub

A portable baby bath tub is suitable to use than the basin. A regular plastic bath tub may not come with a support shower. A bed net can be put on the tub so the baby can comfortably lie down.

7. Hypoallergenic baby bath

Baby’s skin is as fragile as a glass and needs extra care. Human Nature, Nivea, Cetaphil and Physiogel are the brands that carry hypoallergenic baby bath that moisturizes the skin at the same time. These products are also formulated to gently clean baby’s sensitive skin.

7. Baby’s grooming kit

Comb and brush with soft bristles, nail clipper, cotton swab, hypoallergenic alcohol, and silicone brush should be present in your baby’s grooming kit.

8. Baby laundry detergent

Regular laundry detergent may contain harsh chemicals that are damaging to baby's skin. Use baby laundry detergent instead coupled with hypoallergenic fabric conditioner to reduce skin allergies due to the fabric.


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