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Baby Excema Treatment

Updated on January 14, 2017

Baby Excema

Baby excema can be a very distressing condition both for baby and parents. Baby excema usually appears before a child is two and appears as dry itchy skin which becomes red if irritated or scratched. Baby excema is usually found on the scalp cheeks and forehead. The good news is that there are ways to treat excema. Then when your child starts to crawl it often changes to be on the arms and knees. It has also been noticed that baby excema is often more red and weepy than on an older child.

What are the causes of baby excema?

Many babies suffer from a type of excema called atopic excema. This excema is caused by over sensitivity of the immune system. Sometimes you may find that some of the family may also suffer from atopic conditions such as asthma or hayfever. The other type of excema your baby might develop is allergic contact excema and this may be triggered by many different allergens eg dust, types of milk,some washing powders and these are just some examples.

Mama Bear Baby Laundry detergent.

Mama Bear Gentle Care Baby Laundry detergent is designed for young babies Laundry and is also created for sensitive skin.

It contains no phthalates dyes or artificial scents.

It will not irritate your babies skin and is perfect for excema type problems.

Treating baby excema.

In most case baby excema will clear up before the age of three. Here are some remedies to help clear up and keep control of your babies excema.

  • Bath your baby in lukewarm water and avoid using soap. Pat dry instead of rubbing.
  • Moisturize very dry skin with cream or oil. Many people have had good results with coconut oil.
  • Avoid washing babies clothes in detergent as these can be very harsh on babies skin.
  • Keep a close eye on reaction to foods and try a different milk if you think this might be the cause. Some people have changed to soy milk and have found this helps. Only change a young babies milk with the help and advice of your health practitioner.
  • Wear only natural fabrics against your babies skin and be careful not to let your baby overheat.
  • Keep pets away from your baby and make sure to always wash your hands after touching an animal and before you touch your baby.
  • Keep babies nails short and wear cotton mittens to minimize scratching and bleeding.
  • Keep your home free from dust, especially the areas where your baby will eat, sleep and play.
  • If recommended by your doctor steroid creams should be used very sparingly and for short periods of time as steroid cream can cause thinning of the skin.

Eucorin excema baby cream

Eucorin excema therapy for babies is a fragrance free steroid free cream that works to moisturise and relieve dry itchy skin. It is recommended by Pediaticians especially for babies delicate skin. Using this regularly should help to make baby feel comfortable and allow the conditoon to settle more quickly.


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    • jpcmc profile image

      JP Carlos 3 years ago from Quezon CIty, Phlippines

      These are pretty great tips for parents. I have a two year old daughter and she's fortunate enough not to experience this.

    • Jane51 profile image

      Jane51 3 years ago

      Thank you for your comment jpcmc. You can always pass on this information to someone else who may have a child with this condition. Enjoy your two year old as very soon she will be 22!!

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