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Baby Gadgets for Techie Parents

Updated on October 31, 2013

Technology is booming and for many high tech parents, gadgets are an essential part of their baby care arsenal. With all the high tech gadgets on the market today it can be difficult to choose. Here are a few must haves just for those techie moms and dads out there.

The Baby Cry Analyzer

Okay parents, it just doesn't get any easier than this. For years new moms and dads have struggled to figure out exactly what a particular cry means. Is junior hungry? Is he wet? Could he just be tired? It can be difficult to decipher what your child needs, especially during their first few weeks when everyone is still getting to know each other.

Well, worry no more. There is now a baby cry analyzer on the market. This little gadget is by Why Cry and it is called The Why Cry Baby Crying Analyzer. The company claims that is is 90 percent accurate when it comes to determining just what your little one is crying about. In addition, it teaches parents to distinguish between the different types of cries of their baby. This is probably the handiest baby gadget for the attentive parent who wants to make sure their child's needs are met swiftly.

Child Locators

A lost child is a parents worst nightmare. While nothing can beat good old parental eye contact and hand holding, the high tech parent may also want to consider a child locator device. Many of these devices come with a parent transmitter that is small enough for a keychain and will alert you if your child gets more than 30 feet away. They also typically come with a one touch button feature that will sound an alarm to help you locate your child within a radius of 150 feet. Be sure to check your particular model regarding the features it offers prior to making a purchase.


The Monitoring Onesie

The Exmobaby Onesie monitors baby's heart rate, behavior and emotional state then transmits this information to a program that analyzes the data and sends parents a text message or email. Parents can then tend to the baby's needs timely and with confidence. This is particularly good for babies who may have special needs related to heart health. The Exmobaby Onsie comes in a kit with the transmitter, software, and six months of monitoring services.

Monitor Your Child From Anywhere with LiveConnect

LiveConnect offers home video monitoring from your PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, or other handheld monitoring device for your home. This means you can see your child from across the room, across town, or even across the world. This system uses Skype technology to send live video feed in just a few clicks.

Sanitize on the Go

We all know how much baby's love to toss that pacifier right onto the floor in the dirtiest of places and it seems you can never have enough pacifiers on hand. Now it is possible to sanitize that pacifier while on the go with portable sanitizers. Typically, these devices use UV lamps to eliminate 99.9 percen of bacteria and germs in as little as three minutes. Some companies also carry portable bottle sanitizer which many high tech parents find equally necessary and convenient.


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