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Baby Gender Selection:Implemnting 3 Correct Guidelines for Determining your Baby's Gender

Updated on January 27, 2014
Planning Baby Gender
Planning Baby Gender

There are tones of resources available on the Internet, which would guide you suggestions to determine your baby’s gender. Since there are so many guidelines available on the Internet and newspaper; you would find it very difficult to select the legitimate one.

When I researched about the topic, I found out several resources that promised guaranteed work regarding baby prediction. However, when I researched them individually, I found that their work was dependent on emotional language and copied from mythology to encourage the visitors to buy their product.

In this hub, I wanted to write content, which had some sort of logic and what I can implement myself. I have researched from various resources and designed a guide on Baby’s gender determination. This hub is designed more on practical and logical approach. However, it is always in individual best interest to conduct a research before trusting any guide.

Selecting Correct baby Planning Method
Selecting Correct baby Planning Method
Your Required Approach
Fake People Approach
Check the Scientific logic
Trying to impress you emotionally
Author Education and Experience
Flop Author
Examine the Customer Feedback
Fake Testimonials
Never Trust 100%
Guaranteed 100%

4 Tips to Consider before Selecting a baby Selection Guide

  • Approach is verified scientifically and logically- Any information you read must be in simple and logical format, without trying to blackmail you emotionally. If you read content, which has less scientific approach and only trying to raise your emotional quotient; make a bold decision and stay away from the guide. It would never be easy to find out the correct details behind the ‘100% success rate’ claim. However, you must find the basis and the methodology used for the prediction. Scientific approach must be preferred and given priority over ancient approach.
  • Trust of Author- Since there are thousands of websites about planning baby gender; you would find hundreds of modern ways, which claim to have 100% success rate. The old ways have been working perfectly, and some of the ways have proven scientifically correct. However, before trusting any newly method; you must make sure that the method has been tested effectively, and it can be trusted. You would have to change your diets and lifestyle to get your desired boy or girl. Additionally, you would have a lot of hopes and dreams, when you implement a guide. You must trust any method with caution, because you would be hoping your perfect family.

Trusting and Checking Testimonials
Trusting and Checking Testimonials
  • Testimonials- Testimonials are one of the suitable ways to learn customer feedback. It can provide you idea of the advantages and disadvantages of the product. However, testimonials can never guarantee successful work. Initially, you must read the author’s history and see if his or her experience is suitable for determining a baby’s gender or not. If someone experience is unrelated or the purpose of the guide is to just earn money; you cannot trust the guide. Additionally, there are some authors, who have failed in their online quest and now trying to get popular by unethical ways. Secondly, you must try to figure out, if the testimonial is real. There is no approach that can determine, whether the testimonial is genuine or not. You would have to trust your intuition. I can write some basic guidelines. Initially, try to figure out the difference in the language of the testimonial. When people write about their feedback; they try to convey a message to you. Some testimonial would appear like a magic, which are in fact fake. Every testimonial should be different from one other.

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  • There is no such 100%- If a guide claims to have 100% success rate in planning baby gender; you need to think about it. There are so many factors involved in determination of baby gender, that no method can be full proof.100% might look very pleasant for ears, but when you think it logically, you would realize the truth.

Lastly, even if you conduct your 100% research, it is not guaranteed that you would get the results. Hence, you need to accept that you are taking a risk. When you are planning baby gender, there is no approach that is 100% scientifically, and logically approved. It would be great, if you can find author who promises ‘money back policy’. This would give you confidence and motivation to buy the product. Additionally, you can consult your friends or relatives to find out the best guide available in the market.


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