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Baby Gifts Bundled In A Bouquet

Updated on April 21, 2012

Sweet Baby Gifts

The best gifts are practical and beautiful!

Baby Bunch gifts are blossoming infant clothes displayed as a bouquet of flowers and are fun and unique. They provide a "bunch" of baby essentials.

They make a wonderful centerpiece for a baby shower and are an instant solution for a hospital room where real flowers aren't allowed. Bright, cheery and brilliantly put together . . . a one-of-a-kind gift that will actually be put to good use.

And don't forget that Baby Bunch Bouquets are an organic gift as well.  They are 100% unbleached, undyed organic cotton.

Baby Bunch
Baby Bunch
Baby Bunch
Baby Bunch

Bouquets for Baby Gifts

Each premium bouquet has blooms of soft 100% cotton baby clothes rolled to look like flower buds. They look wonderful as a centerpiece at a baby shower and the parents will be able to use every detail once taken home. They contain a romper suit, a long sleeve one-piece, a hat, a pair of mitts, two bibs, leggings, a t-shirt, two pairs of socks and a receiving blanket.

The meduim bunch includes one bib, a t-shirt, a hat, two pairs of socks, and two one-pieces.  The clothing "buds" are surrounded with wooden rosebuds and green leaves.

The bouquet is a spectacular gift for the new baby!

Baby Bunch
Baby Bunch
Baby Bunch
Baby Bunch

Cupcake and Lollipop Baby GIfts

Sweet packages in bundles of two, four and six cupcakes. Each clever cupcake is a comfy one-piece romper, and the bakery box and decorations can be reused or saved for keepsakes.

The Lollipop one-pieces are absolutely adorable!
You can get one lollipop to use as a gift topper or the Sweet Treat Candy Vase with it's red and white peppermints to eat, and the three rompers for baby. This is a creative and unique welcome home gift.

Another fun gift from The Baby Bunch is the Crayon Rompers. Three rompers in primary colors rolled to look like a crayon and packaged in a crayon box. Pastel color box also available.

The Baby Bunch gifts are so unique and beautifully put together, you will find yourself returning for more.

Don't Forget A Gift For Mom

 These gifts for mom are also created to look like a blossoming bouquet of flowers - the perfect idea for a Mother's Day gift.  The Kitchen Bunch and The Garden Bunch are both thoughtful ideas for baby shower host gifts and for new mothers.



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