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Baby Girl Nursery Décor Ideas

Updated on August 19, 2016

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Baby Girl Nursery Colors

YAY! You've just found out you are expecting a baby girl! There is something magical about finding out the gender of your baby. It's the first time you can really start to visualize what your child will be like. It's time to narrow down the baby names and of course, you can start to imagine what avenue you want to take when considering the nursery décor.

The first thing that may come to mind is pink. Ok...maybe you would love pink for your baby girl's décor...or maybe you absolutely hate it. Either way it's usually the first thing that comes to mind. But with today's trendy pink/black and pink/grey, pink is no longer the old stand-by that it once was. Light pink walls paired with some of the amazing color-coordinated bedding can transform even the smallest or sparsely decorated nursery into a showcase.

However, if you love the idea of soft pink and girlish lace, traditional grey walls with accent colors or white accents will do nicely as well. These basics are easy to accessorize and will still grow with your little girl for many years to come. They also make a nice backdrop for some of the more traditional baby girl nursery themes such as princesses and fairies.

That's not to say that you can't break with tradition and go with any color of your choosing. Pale yellow walls with butterfly decals or a mural is a cheery idea. Pale green with cute animals will also delight. Antique white with lace and tulle is beautiful and elegant. Purples and blues are also a nice way to go. There are a number of coordinating bedding sets in those particular colors. Don't feel you must choose pink when you are having a girl...there are so many other options. Take some time to think "outside" the box.

Baby Girl Nursery Colors

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Baby Girl Nursery Themes and Ideas

Creating your baby girl's nursery décor around a theme is always a fun and easy way to create a decorating masterpiece. Many themes such as princesses and fairy tales are very popular and that may be what you always dreamed your little girl's room would look like. However, creating an eclectic nursery is possible by combining these ideas or maybe going for a turn of the century romantic look. You could have a princess theme, but it doesn't necessarily have to be a Disney princess theme. There are a wonderful array of romantic wallpaper boarders that have beautiful fairy tale scenes that look more like a painting in a museum. Pair this with a coordinating color scheme and solid colored bedding and you will have a unique and stylish baby nursery.

If Disney is the way you want to go...there is plenty to choose from. Pick a princess...any princess and there is a whole array of bedding and accessories to choose from. This type of theme will also last well into your little girl's toddler years.

Nursery themes for baby girls do not have to revolve solely around standard girl themes though. Animals themes, zoo themes, butterflies, even Winnie the Pooh are all great choices for a little girl. The animal theme is easy because you can mix and match bedding and accessories - you don't have to stick with one color scheme or brand. Stuffed animals complete the décor and make for a fun and comfortable place for your baby to learn and grow.

Other interesting theme ideas are Peter Rabbit, Dr. Seuss, forest and field, enchanted forest, ABCs, geometric patterns in various colors, polka dots, Alice in Wonderland, clouds and sunshine, the beach, and Minnie/Mickey mouse.

Accessorizing your Baby Girl's Nursery

After you have the basics such as color and theme, creating the finishing touches with accessories is easy. Beyond curtains and lamps, developing a one-of-a-kind nursery is really all about the details. Painting a mural, using wall decals, even detailing the trim are a few of the ways you can add personal touches. Try framing pages from children's books that match your color scheme or theme. Hanging these frames in a pattern on one wall crates a nice focal point that requires no painting. Use large scrap booking word decals on the wall with comforting words such as love, family and laughter...or highlight your baby's girl's name. The possibilities are endless.

Shelving is a great way to add structure and organization to your nursery décor. You can purchase matching books shelves or build them. Paint them to match your trim or the furniture in the room. Try using matching wallpaper and pasting it on the back wall of each shelf. Layer special gifts, stuffed animals and books along each shelf for a showcase look. As your baby grows, you can keep special mementos out of her reach, while using the lower shelves for items she can access herself. Luckily, you have six months or so to create the perfect nursery décor. Spend some of that time crafting special touches such as painting coordinating designs on plain lampshades or making a sun catcher for her window (this will be something she will have for her whole life). Take your time and add to the nursery in layers. By the time your little cherub arrives, you will have created the perfect sanctuary for both you and your baby.


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      Nice hub,ccphone. You have such wonderful ideas for little girls room.