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Baby Items Parents and Babies Cannot Live Without

Updated on July 14, 2013

Baby Items Parents and Babies Cannot Live Without

It is true that there are so many baby items on the market today that are so unnecessary to spend money on, and tend to become a waste of space, but there are also so many baby items that are more than useful when adding a child to the family. When preparing for a new baby there are items that need to be purchase out of necessity, items that no parent or child can live without, these items create comfort and ease for parent and child and tend to be nonnegotiable and necessary for safety, emotional stability, and comfortability. A parent does tend to over purchase items with the thought that many of these items will create ease fro the new parents welcoming a new addition into the home, but there are really only a few items that are completely necessary for a young infant. Parents want to give everything to their children to ensure their happiness and to give them a great and comfortable life full of love, but parents do not need to buy luxurious products to show their infant child they love them, hugs, kisses, cuddling, and feeding shows an infant child love not the stuff one may buy for them; a baby does not understand or know the concept of money and materialistic ideals, but they do understand and crave affection given to them by their parents.

A Car Seat

If a parent has a vehicle that they use on a daily basis a car seat is a nonnegotiable item, it is a necessity to ensure safety of the infant child. To put a baby in the car it is a must to have the proper car seat to fit the child, fore safety and legality reasons; a baby cannot be put in the car without a car seat because that is against the law, and a parent should never want to take a risk in putting a child in a motor vehicle in an unsafe situation or position. If a parent does not have a vehicle, a car seat may not be as necessary, but one may still want to purchase one just in case they need to use a vehicle or ride in a vehicle with the infant child so the child will be safe in a circumstance where a vehicle would be a necessary form of transportation. A car seat will always come in handy when needing to transport an infant child. Nobody wants their child bumping around in the back seat with a bobbling head, a parent wants to see their child safely buckled, rear facing, and lying soundly asleep while taking a car ride to their destination.

Crib- all of the stuff in the crib is not necessary, but that is the choice of the parent (bumpers, pillows, and comforters are considered to be unsafe for young infants).
Crib- all of the stuff in the crib is not necessary, but that is the choice of the parent (bumpers, pillows, and comforters are considered to be unsafe for young infants). | Source

A Crib

A baby needs a place to sleep because a child can't live their whole life sleeping in the same as mommy and daddy. Even though co-sleeping is easier during the first month or two of the child's life (especially for the breast feeding mother) and it does form a strong bond between parent and child, a child needs their own bed to grow to be independent and learn how to comfort themselves to sleep. A newborn child may not feel comfortable sleeping in a large crib that isn't fully enclosed, so a parent may opt to use a bassinet for the first three months, or they may opt to co-sleep during that time, but there comes a time in every child's life where they need to sleep in their own large crib. It may be a difficult transition, but it is a necessary transition, so every parent should spend some money on a crib that they desire their child to sleep in for the first two years of the child's life.

The boppy pillow used to teach my daughter how to sit up (she was 5 months old).
The boppy pillow used to teach my daughter how to sit up (she was 5 months old). | Source

The Boppy Pillow

A bobby pillow may seem like an unnecessary product, but this pillow is one of the most crucial, especially for a breast feeding mother. Yes, a mother can use an average pillow for this reason, but the boppy hugs the mother and doesn't slip away from her body when the baby wriggles when he/she is eating and suckling at the breast. Boppy pillows have more than one use as well, they are handy when breastfeeding and very comfortable for breast feeding but a boppy can also be used for teaching a child to sit up by themselves by giving them a small amount of back support while having a cushion around them in case they flop over. A boppy pillow is very useful and many parents will feel that it is a necessary item to purchase when opting to breastfeed their newborn child.

A vibrating, musical chair.
A vibrating, musical chair. | Source

A Vibrating Chair or Swing

Every parent needs a place to put baby to sooth them while they are awake, need to fall asleep, are cranky, or when the parent needs a break for their mental stability or to get the housework finished. A parent should look into purchasing either a vibrating, bouncy chair or a swing (some even opt to purchase both, but a baby may enjoy one over the other). A parent cannot always hold their child 24 hours a day, no matter how much they may want to it is just impossible, life must move forward and a child must learn how to sooth and entertain themselves for a few minutes while the parent has to go to the bathroom, cook dinner, clean the house, or when they just feel the need to breathe without the infant in their arms. Swings or bouncy, vibrating chairs are a perfect option for an infant when the parent needs some time without the child attached to them. These items allow the baby to entertain themselves because these products usually have toys and music attached and they move in order to sooth the baby to sleep. These products are nice to have because it gives the baby a chance to sit up and observe the world around them.

We had a booster high chair that attached to the kitchen chairs and an actual high chair as well.
We had a booster high chair that attached to the kitchen chairs and an actual high chair as well. | Source

A High Chair

A high chair is something that will be used when the child can sit up on their own and eat solid foods, but a parent should purchase this item because the baby will need a designated spot to eat food, plus it is better to feed a baby in a high chair because it prevents the mess from spreading throughout the rest of the house (it will contain the food mess to a single spot in the house).

A Pack 'N' Play

A pack 'n' play is perfect for when the family goes to visit friends and family overnight because it is a portable crib. It will be easier to have this portable crib so a parent never has to fear or worry where the baby will sleep when they are not home (and sometimes the family will travel and they will not always be home). A pack 'n' play has many uses, it is a portable crib, it is a playpen, it can be a nap time spot for the living room, and it can be used outside when they family wants to enjoy time in the sun in the backyard.

AVENT isis breast pump
AVENT isis breast pump | Source

A Breast Pump and Bottles

A breast pump and bottles are extremely necessary for the breastfeeding mother, especially the hardworking career woman, or a stay-at-home mommy who just needs a hour or two outside of the house to go to the grocery store alone. A breast pump and bottles ensures that the mother can still provide the child with nutritious breast milk while not having to worry about feeding times and rushing home to meet the needs of the baby. This item also provides the father (or partner) the ability to feed and bond with the child as well.

This is Gator, my daughters lovey.
This is Gator, my daughters lovey. | Source
Still loving Gator at age 2.
Still loving Gator at age 2. | Source

A Lovey

All babies need a lovey. A lovey is an item that a child forms an emotional attachment to, it sooths them, comforts them, and makes their life easier (actually it makes the child's life easier as well as the parents). A lovey is important because it teaches a child how to form an emotional bond with something else other than his/her parents. A lovey will also calm and sooth a child to sleep and through temper tantrums. A lovey will comfort the child when they need it without always needing their parents to comfort them. This comfort is important because there will be times where the parents will not be there in times of comfort or when they parents can not comfort the child. A lovey varies from child to child, it can be a blanket, a stuffed animal, a doll, a truck, pretty much anything that a child forms a strong connection with and feels the need to carry it everywhere with them. A lovey is something that a parent can not choose, that decision is up to the child, but it is usually something that the child has from birth up until the point in their life where they no longer need its comfort.

Baby Items are the Choice of the Parents

There are so many toys, products and baby items on the market, and what one family chooses for their child may not be something another family would use. Clothes, blankets, toys, etc are all personal choices and there are so many options for these items. The items listed above may not seem necessary for some but others would not live without them. Whatever one choose for their child is based upon personal decisions, life experience, and family traditions and values. One should buy products that fit into their lifestyle while accommodating a new and beautiful member of the family. What one buys for their child is a very personal decision.


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    • vandynegl profile image


      8 years ago from Ohio Valley

      Oh, I just had to read this to be reminded of all of the "stuff" we used to have when my boys were babies!

      I used the boppy a lot too! I also found that manual breast pumps were easier than electric ones for some reason.......hmmm.....

      Anyway, I found that the swaddle blankets were incredibly helpful during the first 3-4 months of life....they helped soothe my firstborn and allowed him to sleep a little longer! (he still is a light sleeper! Where is a 6 year old swaddle blanket when you need one?! Or is that just duct tape.....just kidding). Swaddle blankets aren't for all babies though; when I tried it on my second child, he wanted nothing to do with it and preferred to roll around all night (still does, of course!).

      Voted up :)

    • JamiJay profile imageAUTHOR

      Jami Johnson 

      8 years ago from Somewhere amongst the trees in Vermont.

      I was thinking about putting receiving blankets on this list because I used them more than anything else as well... I will probably add that here in a little bit.

    • renegadetory profile image

      Carolyn Dahl 

      8 years ago from Ottawa, Ontario

      I completely agree that love in the form of attention, hugs and kisses will always be preferred to "stuff" parents buy for their children, you are right on about that!

      My second daughter spit up all the time and we found that receiving blankets (the thinner, cotton flannel kind) were practically essential and we needed to have at least 2 or 3 of them with us wherever we took in her, that's including around the house!

      Voted up!


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