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Baby Items You Can Live Without As A New Mommy

Updated on July 16, 2016

The New Mommy Syndrome

When a pregnant mom is nesting, they can fall prey to the sway of store ads, other mother's advice, and the worry that they won't have everything they need when the baby comes.

I'm a mom of a one year old and I can honestly tell you, there are things that I got - that I put on my registry that I never ended up using.

Here's a list of items, you can keep off that registry and strike from your list of baby items you need. These items, just aren't as necessary as people lead you to believe.

Changing Table

I know it's tempting to get this piece of furniture. It has all sorts of advantages when you look at it with a logical mind. It can store diapers and wipes in one convenient location. It is a place to bring your baby to a high enough level not to break your back. It has a waterproof, easy to clean surface for accidents.

Now, let's look at it from the realistic mommy mind. In the beginning of your child's existence, you will be changing so many diapers that you want to have them at hand, in close reach. You will likely be too tired to pick up the child, carry them to the changing table in the nursery and actually change them.

I suggest getting a changing pad and simply keeping your baby's diapers and wipes in the room you will be frequently spending your time. In our case, it was the living room. We changed our daughter on the living room floor or on the bed. Absolutely no need for the assembly, expense or waste of space in getting a changing table.

Baby Forks and plates

In the early months, this isn't really a necessity at all. When your child becomes old enough to be fed, you will likely be feeding with a baby spoon. I can see the practicality of that. A fork, however? Until your child is using one, which isn't usually until they are 18 months or so, you don't need a baby fork. A plate will just be dumped on the floor at that age.

When your baby graduates from puree and starts eating solids, get finger food that they can eat with their hands. No need for forks. No need for plates. Place the food on the high chair tray and let the child go to town. This will also help develop gross motor skills like the pincer grasp and gives your baby independence.


Special Laundry Soap

You don't need to get special laundry soap, unless your child has a specific allergy to dyes and perfumes. You won't likely know that unless you use a detergent with dyes and perfumes.

These 'special' detergents are usually more expensive than your normal laundry soap. Also, these special soaps are marketed to new moms and are no different than the alternative of eco-friendly, dye-free soaps for adults. No need to spend more money on something different

That's a waste of your money and your time when you have to do baby's clothes in their own load.


Lots of Blankets

I can't even begin to tell you how many blankets I got at my many baby showers for my daughter. While most of them were crocheted and were made with personal love, blankets weren't really needed. In the newborn stage and usually until your child is around one year old, blankets aren't recommended to sleep with due to safety.

We used some light blankets and some of the crocheted blankets on particular cool nights, but for the most part, you can dress you child in warm clothes and do not need to cover them with blankets.

Most of the blankets I received were more keepsake items than functional. I appreciated all the love and attention that went into making them, but as far as using them on a regular basis, we haven't. My daughter, now one, does like to play peek-a-boo and walk around like a little crocheted ghost under them now.

Burp Clothes

Frankly, I have never understood the functionality of the burp cloth. It's approximately 5 inch by 5 inch square of fabric that you throw over your shoulder when burping a newborn. Yes, you want something to protect your clothes. Yes, you want something to make sure your child is comfortable on your shoulder.

These tiny burp clothes do not catch spit up. Inevitably, baby's spit up and puke will not land in the tiny spot that burp clothes actually cover. Invest in many many receiving blankets instead. They are not marketed as burp clothes, but they cover more area and provide more protection than the average burp cloth.


Bottle/Wipes Warmer

Look, this is a convenience that maybe might save time in the sleepless nights, but it doesn't save money and there's no real long lasting functionality behind them.

Babies don't need warm wipes. I don't believe that my daughter was ever traumatized by a cool wipe on her bottom. If you really want to warm their bottom, just use a wet washcloth. I haven't ever seen the need to warm the baby's bottom, but maybe there's a situation I have not yet encountered.

Warm tap water can heat your formula and milk just as well as a bottle warmer. Why would you spend more money on a device to do it for you? I think some people think it's a time saver, and it may be, but I have never seen warming up a bottle with tap water to take that much time.

Baby Clothes for One Size/Season

Our baby showers were in the winter, early spring, because our daughter was due in March. This means I got a lot of clothes for winter or early spring. I also got a lot of newborn clothes. IN the end, you learn that you have more clothes than your child can actually wear. These clothes take up space and you end up having to find somewhere to get rid of them.

I suggest asking for clothes in different sizes - the larger sizes are less gifted than the small sizes when babies are still new. Horde those bigger sizes, but correspond them with the season your baby is likely to be that size.


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    • rgarnett profile image

      Rachael Fields 4 years ago from KC, MO

      Excellent suggestion actually! I never used the walker, my pediatrician advised it would stunt my daughter's walking development, so that's a really great point.

    • agapsikap profile image

      agapsikap 4 years ago from Philippines

      rgarnett, this one is a very useful hub.

      Can I add the walker? After a few months of training, its useless. Thanks for sharing. Voted up and shared!