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Tree-Inspired Baby Names

Updated on September 2, 2014
Photo of aspen trees by Scott Catron.
Photo of aspen trees by Scott Catron.

Tree-Inspired Names for Babies: Some Classic, Some Downright Odd

There are so many baby names to choose from, so where is future parent to start? It all depends on what you're trying to achieve in a name. Some names are now classics, and will never go out of style: William, Charles, Madeline, and Emily are a few names that are neither too rigid or too outrageous. Those types of names will not make anyone raise an eyebrow at preschool or later on in the workplace. Other names are only now becoming more common, like the gender-neutral Madison, Jayden, and Riley.

Tree-inspired names are a refreshing category that brings to mind aspects of nature. Some tree names are lively and energetic, while others are calm and peaceful. No matter what you are going for in naming your child, there will be a tree-inspired name to suit your purposes.

Photo of a holly tree by Andrew Smith
Photo of a holly tree by Andrew Smith
Flowers on a pear tree.  Photo by By Ltshears.
Flowers on a pear tree. Photo by By Ltshears.

Tree Names for Baby Girls

Some of the names on this list are familiar, and others are more unusual. Below you will find the name and it's meaning.

  • Acacia - Thorny tree
  • Alona - Oak tree
  • Amber - From the gem made from fossilized tree resin
  • Ashby, Ashton - From the ash tree.
  • Aspen - From a graceful type of poplar with beautiful yellow leaves
  • Bay - From the bay tree
  • Cherry - Cherry tree.
  • Cinnamon - Cinnamon tree
  • Daphne - In Greek mythology, Daphne was transformed into a laurel tree.
  • Hazel - From the Hazel tree
  • Holly - Holly tree. Nice for someone born in winter.
  • Idra - Fig tree
  • Laurel
  • Lina - Palm tree
  • Linda - Lime tree
  • Linden
  • Linnea - Lime or linden tree
  • Olivia - Olive tree
  • Perry - Pear tree
  • Rowan - Red-berry tree
  • Sequoia - From the giant redwood tree
  • Willa - From "willow tree."
  • Willow - From "willow tree." This name has become famous because of Sarah Palin's daughter, Willow Palin.

Photo of an elder tree by Stephen Craven
Photo of an elder tree by Stephen Craven
Photo of a rowan tree by Ray Woodcraft
Photo of a rowan tree by Ray Woodcraft

Tree Names for Baby Boys

  • Acacio - Thorny tree. The male equivalent of Acacia.
  • Arlo - Meaning "barberry trees." Barberry trees are one of the varieties used to make bonsai trees. It is also the Italian variant of Charles. Arlo Guthrie has made this name famous.
  • Ashton - Ash tree. This name has been made famous by Ashton Kutcher.
  • Aspen - A gender-neutral name inspired by the aspen tree.
  • Beecher - Near the beech trees.
  • Berkeley - The birch tree meadow.
  • Birch - Birch tree.
  • Elder - From the elder tree. Harry Potter fans know that Dumbledore was the master of the Elder Wand!
  • Gideon - Means "feller of trees" or "powerful warrior."
  • Hawthorne - From the hawthorn tree. Sounds like a very serious power name!
  • Linden - Also a boy's name.
  • Lyndon - An alternate spelling of Lindon.
  • Oliver - From olive tree.
  • Perry - Possibly from "pear tree."
  • Rowan - Also a boy's name
  • Sequoia - Also a boy's name

What Names Do You Like?

Of these tree-inspired names, which ones are your favorites? Would you name a child after a tree?


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