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Baby Names: What to choose

Updated on June 17, 2012

Need to think of a baby name?

It's difficult - I know.

The majority of the time spent while my first son was cooking in my partner's oven was spent arguing over what to call the baby once born.

Should you name your baby based on the meaning of the name? Or perhaps the baby should be named on how good the baby name sounds? Or even on how common or unique the name is?

Sometimes though, you wish somebody could just throw a dozen names at you and let you pick one out of a hat... well, I stumbled on this widget during my partner's first pregnancy and thought I'd share.

Is it really wise to leave my baby naming efforts to a generator?

Of course it isn't. A name generator is not supposed to choose the baby name for you - instead it is supposed to throw suggestions in a way that inspires you to think of your own unique baby name. Of course, you might find one you like in the process...

Baby name choosing process

The process my partner and I went through when trying to come up with a name we both agreed on, was to simply share with each other every time we came up with one we liked. Upon sharing, if the other person liked it, it got written down and put to one side. Then when we had a substantial amount of names written, we researched the meaning of each with the idea of choosing the name that meant the sweetest meaning...

Of course, life doesn't work as planned. We ended up choosing a baby name that wasn't on the list at all!


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