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Baby Naming Tips

Updated on April 30, 2012
My nieces and nephews; Ethan, Nora, Noah, and Lily.
My nieces and nephews; Ethan, Nora, Noah, and Lily.


When you find out you're pregnant there is a lot of different things going on in your mind. There's doctor's to visit, healthy food to eat, vitamins to take, and the list goes on for preparing until the day your baby arrives. Life is pretty crazy while you're pregnant and though pregnancy takes nine months, in a blink of an eye you're already showing and in another blink of an eye you're in the hospital. Then the time will come when you're holding your baby in your arms, and yes, you must name your precious bundle of joy. That brings me to the topic of discussion, which is, naming your baby.

Tip #1: The Spelling Game

There are some people that try to be unique by taking a name and then completely changing the spelling. Some spelling variations aren't as big of a deal, like Sara versus Sarah or Dillon vs. Dylan. However, some take it a little too far. Just remember your kid has to learn to spell that name and so do relatives who write their names on birthday cards. Do you really want to make things difficult for Grandma who can even butcher the simplest of names? Probably not, so a tip to consider is whatever name you pick, it's probably best if you don't over think the spelling. Just go with what comes naturally!

Tip #2: Don't Limit Yourself

Some people tend to think of a name and think, "this is the one," and leave it at that. This is all right, but it is also nice to have a few more options. So whether you plan to be surprised or know that you're having a boy or a girl, it's always nice to have a few names for each possible gender. That way, when your baby is born, you have a few choices and can go with your gut feeling. It may turn out that "Dylan" doesn't look so much like a Dylan after all!

Tip #3: Avoid Potential Name-Calling/Teasing

When trying to come up with baby names, pay attention to names that raise others eyebrows. Some make the mistake of thinking a little too much outside the box, resulting in names that may just be a little too unique. Also, don't just think of the first name alone, but pay attention to how the full name will sound. Avoid boy names that sound to girly or vise versa. Also, avoid names that you can picture other kids turning into some kind of a joke. Overall, think a little about names you come up with without automatically banking on it. Bullying is something all parents want to avoid, and here is a simple thing you can do from the start!

Tip #4: Popular Names

Growing up, I remember there being tons of Brittany's around besides myself. After awhile in such a situation, you can easily get sick of your own name. Though they are popular names, which means they must be nice because they are, well, popular...there are still other nice options. You can easily find online what the popular names are for certain years, so you can make yourself aware of what these names are. There are also other sites that show nice alternative names to the popular names that are out there.

Tip #5: Agreement

If you're married, engaged, or in a committed relationship, know that you're not the only one that should like the names chosen. Get your partner involved, and make this a fun decision to make together. Don't get too caught up on a name you like that they don't, and expect the same from them. Eventually, you should be able to come up with some names you both like. If not, you may just have to call a counselor to resolve this issue. (just a joke!)

Congrats again!

With all this said, naming your baby should be a fun and special experience. Hopefully these few tips make it a little easier for you too. Happy baby naming and congrats!


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