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Baby No More!

Updated on July 30, 2017

How time flies! As if it was only yesterday when you were just a cry baby. I envy the patience your would muster when you have your tantrums because you would cry as if there would be no more tomorrow. You do not even know how to give way to your ading who is three years your junior.

Seems its only yesterday when I would bring you to summer classes for arts school. Sometimes, I sit-in and do what your teacher would require you to draw. Of course mine would always be inferior than your drawings, no comparison. There were times you would tag along to my project sites even if the location is far flung,

When you entered college, we were excited, because we felt you are grown up now. It was a test of your maturity. You have reached college, not knowing how to cook food for yourself! Remember the rice you cooked and served for our dinner? It was a still an uncooked rice! Its funny that you had to learn about life too late. You were a baby for a long time.

You had no choice but to live and learn the rigors of life at the same time hence, maturing became faster. You were able to learn to prepare your food on your own with the help of internet, do laundry (automatic). Though you never learned how to clean up your room up to this time. Well, you can't have everything, isn't it? But good enough that you did not bother to give us headaches during your adolescent years. You were a good son, a better nephew and the best in abiding with the house rules.

Now, you have finished your dream course. We believe, you are excellent in your chosen career! The family is proud of your achievement and we really look forward to your success. Just remember that success is not measured on the quantity of what you have but on how you enjoy of what you have.

Your graduation in college marks the start that you are not our baby anymore. You will soon have your own life but do not forget that your path should be aligned to what has God planned for you.


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