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Baby Nursery Themes

Updated on February 14, 2011

Boys, Girls and Unisex Nursery Themes

Parents want different things from their nurseries, and that often means a baby nursery theme that accomplishes a particular job. That job may be to provide a pretty decor to a room that you and your baby will spend a lot of time in. It may be to create a fun and creative atmosphere that will stimulate your baby to think about his or her surroundings. It may be to inspire interest in a specific subject. Whatever your wish for your nursery is, there is a nursery decor theme that can help you to accomplish it.

Whether to choose a gender-specific theme is a debate that parents often have. A theme meant for a girl or boy may not be possible for you to choose if you don't know the gender of your baby yet, or you may simply want to choose a unisex nursery theme because you don't want to create too strong of a gender message. The choice is all yours, and knowing about the great unisex nursery themes out there may help you to decide whether you want to go that route.

Jungle Nursery Theme

A jungle nursery decor theme is one that is generally considered for a boy, but considering jungles and the related decor, it can really be a unisex theme. It can be done in so many ways that it can be made to look masculine or feminine, or it canbe simply made to look like a unisex jungle.

Jungle crib bedding is easy to find, and the range of bedding styles includes realistic jungle designs, cartoonish jungles, stylized jungle foliage and decor, such as pastels, and more. Aside from crib bedding, there are many possibilities for a jungle themed room:

  • Wall decor- to create a jungle nursery, there are large wall stickers on the market that can instantly give you trees and jungle animals. There are also stencils that you can use to paint greenery, monkeys and everything else your jungle needs.
  • Mobile- many sweet jungle mobiles are available. When I created a jungle nursery, I hung a jungle mobile over the crib and hung a different one over the changing table. The effect gave the room a 3-D decor effect and provided a fun thing for the baby to look at during diaper changes.

Underwater Nursery Theme

An ocean nursery is a fun one because of the bright colors and friendly fish that can be used in the room. There is no shortage of fish crib bedding, and there are a million little nicknacks and other touches that can be added to the room. A fish lamp, a nice blue color on the wall and aquarium crib bedding are enough to tie a room together. 

Other fish decor items that can add a lot to the room include:

  • Fish drawer pulls- switching out the dresser knobs or handles for fish drawer pulls is a cute way to add a little fishy charm to the room.
  • Fish light switch cover- there are countless light switch covers that have a fish and/or underwater theme. These are subtle touches that can help tie the theme together.
  • A fish wallpaper border- a border can be used in the center of the wall, at the floor level or just under the ceiling. A wallpaper border against light blue walls can give the room an amazingly cozy and friendly feel.

Sun, Moon and Stars Nursery

A celestial theme is a fun baby nursery look. These tie together various celestial bodies to create a look that inspires happiness and wonder. Stars on the walls and ceilings are a nice touch for this theme. Some parents like to use glow in the dark star stickers or glow in the dark paint to make moons and stars on the ceilings and/or the walls.

The crib bedding available in this theme is generally unisex, and the theme itself is restful and beautiful. A few other things that can add to this nursery decor theme are:

  • Star drawer pulls- these are available in wood, ceramic and metal. They can really add a celestial touch that makes the furniture "pop."
  • Light fixtures- in a celestial themed nursery, the light fixture in the room can make a huge difference in the room. Hundreds of beautiful light fixtures with a celestial theme are available, any of which can add a lot to this nursery decor theme.
  • Rugs- a star-shaped or moon-shaped rug can add a little something special to this room.

Cartoon Character Themes

Designing a nursery around a specific cartoon character is a fun and lively take on baby decor. The possibilities are endless, though not all cartoon characters can be found on baby crib bedding. It is possible, however, to take cartoon sheets and have them made into crib bedding.

If you are interested in a mega-popular character like Mickey Mouse or Bugs bunny, there are numerous crib sets and other nursery decor items available. If not, you may choose neutral-themed bedding while decorating the rest of the room with the cartoon-inspired items. A few items that can help put the finishing touches on this room are:

  • Wall posters- a couple of framed wall posters can make the room's theme immediately obvious as well as giving the baby a friendly face to look at.
  • Wall border- a cartoon wall border along the top of the wall can give some subtle color and style to the room without overwhelming it.

Animal Nursery Themes

Everyone has a favorite animal, and many parents choose to use that animal to tie together their baby's nursery. Pigs, frogs, fish, unicorns, monkeys and birds are all frequently chosen as themes. However, there are plenty of baby decor items available that can be used to represent any number of other animals.

Jut a few fun animal themes are:

  • Cheetahs
  • Deer
  • Turtles
  • Mice
  • Rabbits
  • Zebras
  • Butterflies

Color Themes

Having a simple color theme is one choice that many parents make in order to keep the room simple, beautiful and easy to put together. Pink and blue are obvious choices for a nursery color, but there are others that can also create nursery themes. Popular unisex colors are white, beige, green and yellow. Other fun colors include purple and orange.

Nursery Color Groups

Back and white nurseries are created for their ability to stimulate the senses of babies. Sharp contrasts are considered to be highly stimulating, and black and white offer one of the best contrasts. Many people mix black, white and red for the ultimate in visual stimulation. There are many baby sets and other baby products made in those colors for just that reason.

Pastels are another color grouping that is perfect for nurseries. Mixing pastel lavender, yellow, green and pink or blue can create a soft, inviting room for a baby.

Space Exploration

This is a different theme from the stylized sun, moon and stars, this theme takes a more realistic approach. Painting realistic stars, planets and other celestial bodies can create a very different look than the typical star nursery theme. 

Framed Hubble photograph posters are perfect for this theme. Also consider hiring a painter to paint one or two of the most beautiful Hubble photographs on the walls. Small rocket models, placed out of reach of course, can add a nice touch to the room. Constellation and solar system rugs are available on the market for nursery floors. 

Airplanes or Rockets

While they may not interest a lot of people that much, some people have a close affinity for airplanes and/or rockets. They may favor the rockets over any other space items, wanting the room to reflect that love of speed and power. Pilots and flight enthusiasts often want an airplane-themed baby room.

An airplane-themed nursery is pretty easy to accomplish because of the many airplane items made for baby decor. There are lamps, rugs, wall hangings and even ceiling fans that come with this theme. There are also many styles of crib bedding with an airplane motif.

Rockets can be a little trickier to accomplish. There are not as many rocket-themed items for babies, so you may have to resort to framed rocket posters and stenciled rockets. Look for a rocket light switch cover and a rocket rug to begin. You may be able to find rocket drawer pulls and vintage rocket items on eBay.


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