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Baby Shoes - How To Best Care For Your Childs Shoes

Updated on June 30, 2009

Tips On Baby Shoe Care

In general we know that everything will last longer if you take good care of it and it obviously applies also for shoes. And the shoes may have special needs, because we use them every day and under alle weathes conditions! 

Look after your children's shoes regularly 

When you have small children is not the shoe-cleaning has been the most time, but it is nevertheless a good idea to look after her children's shoes regularly. You discover quickly whether the shoes are slightly damp and in need of drying overnight, or if there is something to be repaired. The sooner you discover errors in the footwear, which is not due to normal wear, the easier it is to succeed in a claim and your connection to cover the repair or get a brand new shoes.


It is a good idea to start to impregnate a pair of new shoes before you begin to use them. Impregnation ensures that eg dirt, grease and water rejected by the leather and it will avoid stains or water entering. It is recommended to impregnate 3 times in a row before taking his shoes in use, and continuously impregnate 1 once a week. Prior to impregnate his shoes must always remember that the shoes must be clean.

Shoe polish 

Polishing shoes to add skin moisture and nutrients and because it looks nicer out! The best result you get if you use a shoe polish in the right hue, but you can also always use a neutral shoe polish. Remember to clean the shoes before the shoe shine! And cleaning the shoes before you impregnated!

Drying shoes 

Shoes may be wet due to both the sweat and give your feet due to rain and snow. Are the shoes become wet, the best we can do is to take messages needle out and fill the shoes of the newsprint and ask them for drying at normal room temperature. One should not make shoes for drying at the radiator or the like, as leather threatens to crack.

baby feet


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