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Baby Shower Party

Updated on June 11, 2011

Baby shower parties are meant to celebrate the expected child of a family. Initially it was prepared only for the first baby, but overtime, it has changed to be done for all 'new comers' in the family.

The terms Shower was a metaphor for showering the 'Mum-to-be' with gifts, to express happiness and willing to celebrate the new member of the family.

Historically, Baby shower started in the late eighteen hundreds as a tea party for women only. The reason was to allow women share best practices and experience to help the Mum-to-be with her special expected guest. But this is not the case anymore, as men are also welcomed to the shower party now.

The party was previously organized by a close friend, and sometimes a close family member, but most of time the 'Mum-to-be' can participate also to prepare the list of invitees. this is why same party maybe done more than once, one for the family and another one for the coworkers.

The arrangements of the party itself vary widely, according to the culture and the host preferences and also the targeted guests. There is no rule in that, it could be a large elegant party or a simple family gathering, also handmade material play a great role in such parties, as it show how valuable this party is for the expecting parents.

There are known activities in the baby shower party that start with baby shower invitations, that should be expressive for the joy and warm of the party. Then the party could have a baby shower theme, this theme again will depend on mode of the party and the style of the organizers.

Adding baby shower game to the party will add a good sense of humor and amusement. Then the baby shower Poems would be a very interesting addition to the party. Giving a speech to the new mother would leave a good surprise for her.

Lately, how about food? it could follow the party theme, like making some bakery stuff in the shape of baby blocks, pacifiers, ducks and other lovely themed items. but if this was not available don't worry, it is just a nice to have option that can add more excitement to the party.

There are also places were you can head to for the baby shower party organization and decorations, sure they are professional and have their own ideas to make the party more special.

It is amazing moment that every new mother would not like to miss, and if done in the right way, it would leave the best memory for the new mother and all the family members.


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    • Crying Time profile image

      Crying Time 6 years ago from Chackbay, Louisiana

      Great information.

    • Christopher James profile image

      Christopher James 6 years ago from Australia

      Great ideas!