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5 Great Budget All-in-One Baby Strollers 2015

Updated on May 5, 2015
Bumbleride Flite Lightweight Compact Travel Stroller
Bumbleride Flite Lightweight Compact Travel Stroller

A good stroller will be lightweight enough for you to lift into your vehicle, come with all the features you want, and last you through more than one child.

In this post we are breaking down the types of strollers on the market and features to keep an eye open for.

This Inglesina 2013 Trip Stroller has to be the most comfortable and safest stroller for kids. This stroller is very lightweight and easy to maneuver at an affordable price.
This Inglesina 2013 Trip Stroller has to be the most comfortable and safest stroller for kids. This stroller is very lightweight and easy to maneuver at an affordable price.

Types of Strollers

Standard Strollers

These kinds of strollers are made to be a bit wider than some other strollers, are also a bit bigger, and offer many features.

Lightweight Strollers

With a compact design, these are often much more lightweight than standard strollers. They also typically offer most of the same features as standard strollers as well.

However, many of them have a smaller storage basket and do not come with a snack tray.

I’ve found that Chicco strollers are a bit more lightweight than other brands on the market. They are typically around 11 pounds where others are 12+.

The Contours Lite Stroller comes with a snack bar yet also weighs about 16 pounds.

Double Strollers

For more than one child, a double stroller makes running errands that much easier. These are often the heaviest of strollers you can find, as well as the largest.

I have used Graco strollers in the past but for some reason the double strollers I’ve tested don’t seem to be made with as durable of parts and I recommend checking out what Joovy has to offer.

Jogging Strollers

For those who like to jog, these are made with a slim design and a three wheeled system that is makes it more sturdy while you run.

They are also made to go over a wide range of terrain and come with a wrist strap to make sure that the stroller stays attached to you in the event you let go of it.

Graco jogging strollers are also much heavier than others; up to 10 pounds more! If you don’t want to lug around something heavy, consider Jeep brand.

Travel Systems

These of strollers work in conjunction with the car seat and make it very easy to pop a car seat in and out of it. Once your baby has grown out of the infant car seat, you can use the stroller like any standard stroller.

What kind of stroller do you need?

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1. Bumbleride Flite Lightweight Compact Travel Stroller

The Bumbleride Flite Lightweight Compact Travel Stroller only weighs 13 pounds and comes with a handy carry strap.

You get a removable cup holder as well. I love that the seat reclines to a flat position.

Joovy Scooter X2 Double Stroller
Joovy Scooter X2 Double Stroller

Quality Features in Baby Strollers


If you know you will be using your stroller with a younger infant that cannot sit up on their own, find a stroller that offers a five point harness.

Many strollers can convert from a five point harness to a three point harness. I suggest finding a harness that comes with covers since your child most likely will drool, spit up, or make a mess on them from time to time.

Covers will ensure that you do not need to detach the harness to put in the washing machine; you can simply remove the covers and wash them instead.


Having a large canopy will ensure that your child is protected from the sun. I suggest finding a canopy that offers multiple positions, and perhaps one that has a peekaboo window so you can check on your child easily while walking.

Adjustable Handles

This has got to be one of the most important features I recommend finding. Since mothers and fathers often differ in height and take turns pushing the stroller, it is much more comfortable to adjust the height for the taller person so they don't have to bend over while pushing. If you’ve ever pushed one

The Baby Jogger Summit has a height of 41 inches so running with it will be that much easier on your back. Unless you are fairly short in stature, I don’t recommend getting Inglesina stroller since it only has a handle height of 30 inches.

Storage Basket

The storage basket underneath the seat of the stroller is going to be your most well used feature. Look for one that is large enough to adequately hold your belongings.

I have always enjoyed large baskets so I can fit my purse, a diaper bag, and any shopping bags by tend to collect at the mall. If you go out on all day trips, having enough room for snacks and other supplies is very essential.

Reclining Seat

Not all strollers offer a reclining seat, or one that reclines very far. Make sure to note how many reclining positions is offered in the stroller you are considering. If you have a child that likes to sleep in the stroller, being able to recline it so they are more comfortable is a very nice feature.

Also, I like using strollers that reclining to a flat position not only for comfort, but for more ease when trying to change diapers.

Snack Tray and Other Storage

Though not a necessity, having a snack tray for your child can keep them entertained for longer periods of time since they can not only have snacks, but they can also play with toys on the tray as well. These usually come with cup holders as well.

When it comes to extra storage, I really like having a parent tray at the top by the handles. This sometimes will include a pocket or storage compartment for small items like keys or cell phone, as well as one or 2 cup holders.

2. Inglesina Trip Stroller

Another stroller that is easy to travel with is the Inglesina 2013 Trip Stroller which also comes with a removable carry handle. It only has a four position reclining seat though.

5 stars for Inglesina Trip Stroller

3. Joovy Scooter X2 Double Stroller

For a double stroller, this Joovy Scooter X2 Double Stroller is pretty lightweight at 28 pounds. It is made to fit through any size door with a width of 30 inches.

4. QuickSmart Easy Fold Stroller

What makes the QuickSmart Easy Fold Stroller such an amazing stroller is how lightweight and easy it is to adjust everything with the stroller.

It’s also very compact, which allows you to store and take the stroller in any car.

5. Baby Jogger Summit XC Single Stroller

For those that jog, this Baby Jogger Summit XC Single Stroller is great for taller children and is made to roll more smoothly than many others I’ve tested.

How much are you willing to spend on a stroller?

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