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Baby bath sets : choosing the best baby bath products

Updated on February 8, 2014

Until your baby is big enough to bathe in an adult bathroom, you will have to arrange for a baby bath for him/her. They come in various shapes and sizes and some come with special features like backrests and headrests. They help to support the baby when your hands are free. Actually when the baby is a bit on the more active side, you will find it hard to wash him while he is wriggling and playing with water. There are also some bath sets which will change color if the water in it is too hot or too cold.

Pros :

• One of the major pros is that you don't need to strain your back as in the adult bath as these can be kept on the floor.
• Depending upon your convenience, these can also be used in your living rooms or bedrooms.

Cons :

• Some parents find a baby bath unnecessary expense as withing some weeks, the baby starts using adult bath.

Given are some of the types of baby baths available :

Rest-on-rim baby baths :

These types of baby baths have an extra wide rim which are designed and manufactured so as to fit the adult baths perfectly. Installed with a plughole so that the water can be removed from it through the main bath. Measure and before you buy and keeping those measurements in mind, get the best fit.

Pros :

• These are some handy products with which you don't have to carry water from one place to other in jugs.
• Use them as the stand alone baths on floors.
• With this product, you can attend to two babies at once provided one is an infant and the other one is a toddler.

Cons :

• These will be more tough on your budget than the standard ones.
• These are supposed to be outgrown by the baby in some months itself rendering them worthless unless you have another infant planned, of course.

Bucket baths :

This bucket shaped baby bath is a new product in the market. Suited for the babies of age upto six months, these bath sets help the baby to sit up with water level upto their shoulders so that your hands are free to wash them. Originated in Germany, the bucket type baths are transparent(some models) enabling you to look at the baby under water.

Pros :

• According to some parents, the babies are much more happy in the bucket type baths than the standard conventional ones.
• Lesser water usage (SAVE WATER mission compatible) and use lesser space than the standard ones.
• Easy portability also add up to the features.

Cons :

• The babies aged six months may find them small.
• Space is less for the babies to play and they might just become extra wriggly thanks to the boredom.

Sit-up bath seats/bath rings :

These are the flexible products (they can be rotated fully and have pads at the bottom for secure base). Older babies (six months and above) are those who were kept in mind during the designing. These have a seat with support rings (the rings might have toys attached depending upon the model)

Pros :

• The baby is much secure and safe in this product thanks to the safety rings and straps.

Cons :

• Some parents don't prefer washing their young ones in one of these.
• The bath rings restrict the baby movements and hence, they may not like going into those rings ever again.

Let there be safety features on the bath sets, do not divert your attention from the babies.
For more details and products, do not forget to refer to the online baby shops and baby stores like as well !!


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    • loveofnight profile image


      6 years ago from Baltimore, Maryland

      My grandson really liked the bucket type bath. In the summer when it was very hot I would just fill it with water and have it sitting in my living-room or on my front porch while he splashed around and played.I see these things as more than a bathing tool....they can double as a small pond for a kid.


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