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Baby growth stages

Updated on May 14, 2015

Baby growth stages

Baby growth stages
Baby growth stages | Source

Baby growth stages

First month:

Child begins in the first month of trying to lift his head and look around and stare at people's faces as it responds to sounds, turning around at the inconvenience, follow the things around him and make sounds and recognize shapes, black and white, some children smile or laugh or move their heads with 45 rarely.

Second month:

the child to continue to issue sounds like purr and cooing and smiling and laughing, and can raise his head up for a short period, driven by its head at an angle 45 and can carry himself on his feet.

Month 3:

In the third month, children laughing , make lots of different sounds and funny and strange, it can distinguish the sounds and smells and shapes, and turned towards the sounds, lights, can lift his body like a half exercise pressure, also moving his hands and try to take things , And hit things near his face.

Fourth month:

Can the child be leaning on his feet and raises his head firmly very and reacts when you talk with him and the sounds and movements and to view the reactions, and be able to record stuff and pick up games and tries to touch everything, and mumbled, "what" and "BA" and "DA" and fluctuates on its sides and shows him the first age

The fifth month:

The child can distinguish between colors and can fluctuate with skill and plays with his feet and legs and recognized his name and turned while calling for it and can sit for a moment without the help and puts everything in his mouth and begins to eat solid foods and anxiety and fear of strangers.

The sixth month:

Start crawling and rolling over and move comfortably and smoothly and gossiped and emits sounds continuously and not silent and does not stop play.


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