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Baby teeth development, teething problems, teething symptoms–when to start brushing baby teeth, how to brush baby teeth

Updated on November 28, 2012

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Mother making baby brush teeth
Mother making baby brush teeth

When will babies develop teeth? Teething problems, symptoms, pain, itching and irritability

Some babies get their first even in their fourth or fifth month. Some babies get their first teeth just before their first birthday. Teeth development differs in children. I used to look everyday whether my baby is developing teeth or not. Finally in the 9th month he developed his first teeth. A small teeth breaking out in the front. I do however understand that the baby experienced several annoying experiences as the teeth breaks out. The problems related to teething developed long back the first teeth appeared. Baby had some irritation in gum, some kind of itching or pain. My child was so irritable that he used to put everything in his mouth. Even though I got him several teething toys, he did not like those things. He continued putting other things in mouth. Certain doctors advised rubbing baby’s gum with cool cloth, but these techniques did not work out. Let me tell you, babies will not let you do all those things. They will protest by crying. There is no solution for baby teething problem, as simple as that. You can probably divert his attention to some other things. Take him out and show him some animals, tress, like that. We may feel that baby is crying without reason. They are actually experiencing the difficult teething irritation, itching or pain. Teething symptoms in babies are irritability, soreness in gums, fussy nature and food refusal. Baby will not eat properly during the teething days.

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How to take care of my child’s teeth? Baby teeth care, brushing – Should I brush my baby’s teeth - baby teeth brushing, with or without toothpaste

You should take care of your baby’s teeth as soon as he or she is one and half years old. Before that the child will not let you for anything. When the baby is 18 months old start cleaning his teeth. In India, mother rub their child’s teeth with her finger. Mother can put her clean finger in child’s mouth and gently clean his mouth. Lightly press the front teeth and move your fingers forward and backward. This will prevent the teeth from getting deformed (teeth moving up, making the upper lips to be deformed). Mother should make child clean his mouth. After having food he should be encouraged to wash mouth. Pour little water into child’s mouth and ask him to spit. Show him how to spit. He will imitate you.

Do not brush your child’s teeth with paste before he learns to spit. Kids would swallow paste. Swallowing fluoride is not good for child’s health. If you are in India you can buy ayurvedic tooth paste. Ayurvedic tooth paste contains herbal ingredients. That can be used to brush baby teeth. Take a little amount of tooth paste and make baby brush. Better do not use tooth paste until baby is 3 years old. Simply brush with toothbrush. Brush twice a day. My baby started brushing at 18 months. He won’t stop brushing. He would brush for at least 1 hour. Finally I somehow seize brush from him.

Cleaning baby’s mouth after food – make him drink water or wash mouth with water

Before baby learns to spit you cannot make baby wash mouth and spit out. After giving food, give water to baby. Do not let food particles stay in mouth. This problem starts only after the coming of entire baby teeth. After baby eats chocolate, ice cream or other sweet food, clean his mouth by giving him water. If he learns to spit, he would do. Otherwise let him drink water.


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    • dhannyya profile image

      dhannyya 5 years ago

      thanks shiningirisheyes for the comment...yes permanent tooth would never be perfect as baby teeth...but if we care well we will get good permanent teeth....because of god's grace i have my teeth so aligned...

    • shiningirisheyes profile image

      Shining Irish Eyes 5 years ago from Upstate, New York

      Well-written and informative.

      Don't you wish they could stay this age forever? The biggest issue being baby-teeth, unlike the ones that come later.

      Thanks for sharing these useful tips.