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Baby Handprint And Footprint Keepsakes

Updated on June 26, 2014

Baby Handprint Footprint Keepsakes

I am sure you will agree with me that babies grow very fast in the first few years. Its really easy to miss out on making keepsakes that you will treasure for years. I know how busy it can be with a newborn baby and maybe even other children as well to take care of. As the child grows and grows we often look back in dismay that we didn't capture those precious moments when we needed to.

This lens will provide you with information about making Baby Handprint and Footprint Keepsakes that you can keep for ever.

Check Out These Gorgeous Keepsakes

How to Make a Baby Keepsake Using Ink

I think the first concern is always for your babies safely, so make sure you buy a non-toxic stamp pad to start with.

Before you start, think carefully about what your goal is here. Do you intend to make a number of prints at once or would you rather just get one set and scan them and use the scan to print out as many copies as you need?

I would start with a well-fed sleepy baby. It would be best if you had already gathered everything you need and have them together on a table including wipes for you baby's hands and feet.

You will also need good quality Cardstock and paper.

The best idea is to actually stamp Baby's feet onto the ink pad and then press the card onto Babies feet. Try not to wriggle the foot around at all, and if the card gets stuck, pull the babies foot off the card not the other way around.

Now give it a good long time to dry before you try to use it, maybe 24-48 hrs.

Mud Pie Baby Classic Keepsakes Faux Leather Cross Photo Album

Clay Keepsake & Photo Wall Frame Kit - Black

Mud Pie Baby Classic Keepsakes Silver-Plate Certificate Holder, Cross

Baby Keepsakes

Malden Baby's First Year Collage Picture Frame

Baby's First Handprint/Footprint Frame
Baby's First Handprint/Footprint Frame

A few short years from now, it will seem a miracle that your baby's hands and feet were this incredibly small. Includes 2 sets of plaster for making impressions of baby's hands and feet. Parents will treasure these long after their little ones have grown.

Ordering and Customer Service, call: 800-353-BABY Mon-Fri 9-5 E.S.T.

Babyprints Memory Box - Mahogany
Babyprints Memory Box - Mahogany

Babyprints allow new parents to create an impression of their baby's foot, and then elegantly display it for years to come. With only the highest quality components, Babyprints can be displayed anywhere in your home. Whether for new parents or friends and family, these keepsakes make the perfect gift. With the MemoyBox, you can create and beautifully exhibit an impression of your child's hand or foot in an elegant display that also stores and preserves child's most precious keepsakes. Everything is meaningful when it comes to your baby. Use the Babyprints MemoryBox to store those significant childhood mementos including items such as the baby's birth certificate, special photos, their first spoon, and the tiny shoes they took their first steps in. Keep them safe in this elegant display that is sure to be a part of the family for generations Non-toxic and simple to use, creating your lasting impression is easier than imaginable. There is absolutely no mixing, no baking, no mess, and no mistakes. The frame in the side of the memory box holds the footprint on one side and has room for a picture on the other. Both pink and blue backing included so Babyprints makes a beautiful and unique baby shower gift. Everything for assembly is included: Soft Air Drying Impression Material Elegant Pine Shadowbox Frame Custom Beveled Mat Babyprints Pink & Blue Backing Board Rolling Pin Shaping Tool Double Sided Tape Easy to Follow Instructions Choose frame color - natural or white


Baby Keepsake Storage Chest with Three Velvet Covered Trays

Carter's Hand and Footprint Keepsake, Silver

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