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10 Baby Names Your Kid Won't Hate You For

Updated on November 28, 2010

I don’t have any kids, but I do spend a lot of time selecting names for the characters in my Erotic Romance novels. What amazes me, is that I think I actually put more effort into choosing a good name than some parents-to-be.

For starters, I actually take the surname into consideration before I select a first name. I know for a fact there are pregnant women out there not doing this. If they were, they wouldn’t end up with a child named Emerald Green. And if they did it on purpose, they should not be allowed to breed further.

So what about you? Do you like your name? My birth name is beautiful – in the country it originates from. It sounds lovely when pronounced properly. But it sounds like crap in English. I grew up hating it. No one in school could even guess what it should sound like. It was a nightmare.

Don’t do that to your kid. Don’t go out of your way to be clever and pick a name that’s only shared by some fruit tree in South America somewhere. Don’t name your kid after some urban city you’ve only seen on map. Don’t name your girl after your favorite male movie star. Don’t name your boy after your great-great-grandfather whose name he won’t be able to pronounce until he’s a teenager.

Just don’t.

Unless you’re a movie star and have so much money you can give them a sheltered life. If you can’t, your kid stands a good chance of getting picked on for it. School sucks enough without the added pressure of being a misfit due to something your parents could have chosen not to do.

And even if you are a famous movie star, gawd’s sake, have you heard some of these names? Apple, Banjo, Freedom, Pirate? You have to be making millions of bucks and have your head in the clouds (or somewhere else) to not remember what school would have been like for these kids. That said, I can understand not wanting to name your kid Mary or John. And that’s fine. Today I’m going to give you a list of 10 boys’ and 10 girls’ names you can use without worrying your kid will hold it against you.


1. Gemma

2. Natalia

3. Trixie

4. Shara

5. Danica

6. Bella

7. Maritza

8. Farrah

9. Ginger

10. Alexandra


1. Turner

2 . Keller

3. Campbell

4. Gavin

5. Parker

6. Zachary

7. Luke

8. Oliver

9. Devin

10. Reese

Yeah, you might not like some of them. But they are damned sure better than the extremely overused Dakota, Ashley, Austin and Tyler. And don't worry if you think some of them sound old-fashioned - Noah was one of the most popular names of 2006 and that name goes back to the Ark!

xx Isabella


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