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Babysitting the uncontrolable

Updated on September 6, 2011

 Most of us in our lifetime will babysit at least once. Be it for a friend, family, neighbor or just for an easy job. As easy as it may be, there is a flip side to it. You will have those kids that are just plain easy. You never have to worry what they are up to or what they will say. Then you get the ones where you will want to curl up in a ball once they/you leave.

The easy ones will have their moments. Food isn't right, they want a different toy, different food... You can also set them down for a project and be able to have the next 30 minutes, quiet! Of course, not all kids can be that easy.

The "pain in your butt" kids are a little tricky. You have to constantly find something for them to do. Whether it be a craft, helping with food, playing outside, watching a movie, something will happen. Your constant attention has to be on them.

With having kids of my own and then watching a few more, you wouldn't think of it as difficult. That is where we are wrong. My rules and followed by my children and most of the time, the other kids too. When one of mine thinks one of the others isn't being appropriate, all hell breaks loose. I kinda think it is on purpose too.

The moment the other hears something isn't right, it is non stop chaos until the time they or we leave. "stop!" "Don't touch that!" " Leave it alone!!!" The list goes on and on. By the end of the day, I am so tired I could curl up in a ball and drift off to my peaceful fantasy island!

Does anyone else have these problems? How do you get through the day?




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