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Put Babies to Sleep with Babywise Method - Buy Baby Wise Books Online

Updated on June 23, 2011

Baby Wise Books Have the Answers

Are you wondering how to get your baby to sleep through the night? Not to worry. Getting a baby to sleep can be one of the most challenging aspects of parenthood and plenty of new parents struggle with it.

However, the Baby Wise method, featured in the book On Becoming Baby Wise, and the series of Baby Wise books, is a natural solution to the common problem of getting a baby to sleep through the night.

Written by Gary Ezzo and Robert Bucknam, M.D., On Becoming Baby Wise features many helpful tips on parenting and nurturing your newborn baby, including information on feeding, sleeping and other daily aspects of caring for your baby.

What is the Baby Wise Method?

The Baby Wise method puts you, the parents, in control of the situation, rather than having your baby run the show, as can be common in many households with newborns and infants. It requires that you, as the parents, maintain a disciplined approach at parenthood and uphold a strict schedule for your newborn baby in the early months of its life.

The Baby Wise method can be challenging for new parents at first, but if practiced correctly, is well worth it in the long run and should lead to both you and your baby sleeping through the night peacefully.

Get on Schedule

According to On Becoming Baby Wise, by putting your baby on the Baby Wise schedule, you implement a steady routine for your newborn rather than a series of random acts throughout the day.

In theory, a baby does not know exactly what it wants, only that it is unhappy, so by knowing what a baby needs based on the time of day, Baby Wise parents can go about their day confidently.

Where most parents will try to feed their baby or change their diaper the moment it starts to cry, Baby Wise parents know that if it is not the scheduled feeding time, the baby shouldn’t be hungry and if it is not the scheduled nap or sleeping time, the baby shouldn’t be tired.

Therefore most crying fits during unscheduled times are likely related to dirty diapers.

The schedule from the Baby Wise books is simple, and works in three hour increments throughout your day:

Time for play

If you repeat this pattern throughout your day, allowing the allotted times for each as called out in the Baby Wise books, you should be able to have your baby sleeping through the night at the end of each day as your baby will likely be tired by bedtime with an evening of sleep becoming a necessity and a strict part of your baby’s routine.

You Can Bet on Baby Wise

The Baby Wise Books Work
The Baby Wise Books Work | Source

Becoming Baby Wise is Worth it!

Becoming Baby Wise can be challenging because often times you will want to put the baby to sleep or down for a nap on a whim due to household chores, visitors coming by your house or any other common responsibilities or occurrences of adulthood.

Maybe you will want to feed your baby early so you can go run errands at a more convenient time or let your baby stay up during naptime so its grandparents can visit?

Try to stay on the Baby Wise schedule whenever possible.

Life will certainly try and get in the way of your Baby Wise schedule, but if you can commit to it for the first two months of parenthood, your baby sleeping through the night will quite common.

Buy On Becoming Baby Wise, the first of the Baby Wise books, for a better, more in-depth idea of the method. You will be happy you did. The Baby Wise books are cheap and a good night sleep for you and your baby is priceless.


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